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Transylvania encourages students to file FAFSA for federal aid

Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky

Access to make changes to federal application now available

After a number of delays caused by the changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, Transylvania has sent financial aid offers to most of the admitted students whose data has been received. However, data is still pending for students who need to make corrections to their application, as well as for those who have yet to file. 

“We know that many students’ FAFSAs were delayed because of studentaid.gov website issues.  On April 15, the Department of Education announced that the student-initiated FAFSA correction process is now broadly available,” the university shared in an email to students and families Thursday. “This means that students who need to correct their FAFSA to add Transylvania as one of their schools should be able to do so now. Other corrections, such as adding a missing signature or contributor consent can also now be made.”

Those who need help making changes to their FAFSA can visit studentaid.gov for more detailed information. 

Financial aid staff are currently reviewing data for students who completed a FAFSA and included Transylvania on their application, but have not yet received a financial aid offer. 

“We’re grateful for applicants’ continued patience as we work through some of the unexpected issues with FAFSA data this year,” said Rhyan Conyers, vice president for institutional effectiveness. “While a FAFSA form is not required, we encourage all students to fill out the form online – virtually every Transy applicant who completes the FAFSA is offered some form of aid. Likewise, let us know if you do not plan to file.”

Filing the FAFSA each year is the most important step toward receiving federal aid funds (loans, grants and work-study) and aid. Transylvania University offers scholarships, grants, loans and work opportunities to supplement the resources of students and their families. Many of these financial aid resources require the student and family to complete the FAFSA in order to be considered.