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Summer shadowing strengthens med school applications for Transylvania students

three people posing for a photo
three people posing for a photo

Transylvania University students have taken advantage of summer break to get an edge on tough medical school competition.

These pre-health Pioneers participated in a variety of programs where they shadowed doctors, networked and got hands-on experience.

Transylvania pre-health adviser Robin Prichard said, sure, these students are expected to excel in challenging science courses, ace the MCAT exam, etc. “But there is also a whole other piece in becoming a competitive medical school applicant. Medical schools are looking for applicants with a commitment to the medical profession. At Transy, we connect students to experiences that will help them with that piece of the puzzle.”

Through this summer’s Baptist Health College Rural Scholar Program, Aubrey Knop, a biology major from Greenville, Tennessee, said she learned not only the value of rural medicine, but also the “importance of creating relationships with patients, being an active listener and always being willing to answer any questions no matter the time of day. I learned what it takes to be a rural doctor, and I am so thankful for that.”

Several other Transylvania students participated in Baptist Health’s Pre-Med Academy, which provides mentorships with physicians in a variety of specialties.

people posing for a photo

Others also gained real-world health care experience, learned about the med school application process and took a free MCAT prep course through the UKMED and UK PEPP programs focusing on students who are underrepresented in medicine or from rural Appalachia.

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Prichard noted that students at Transylvania, which has a storied history of training future physicians, additionally conducted research with faculty and interacted with 100 Doors to Success mentors over the summer.

In addition to preparing students for med school, all of these programs can also help them find their path in life. “Summer pre-health experiences not only make Transy students competitive medical school applicants; they, many times, confirm a student’s desire to pursue a career in medicine.”