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1780 | The Official Blog of Transylvania University

Students choose Transylvania for exceptional education in the heart of Kentucky

Transylvania University in Lexington, KY

The reasons to choose a college can be as individual as the students themselves. For a number of students across the commonwealth, they chose Transylvania because of the exceptional education they can receive right in the heart of Kentucky.

“Something that I didn’t realize when I was looking at colleges is I thought I had to go out of the state to get the benefits of being in city, but then I realized that Lexington was kind of perfect because you do have all the opportunities with careers and social activities, but then you also get to have that really small school, community-based education at Transy,” said Caroline Shutt ’23. The senior from Owensboro has taken advantage of what Lexington offers, working at a local law firm during college in preparation for law school after Transy.

For Ethan Tiller ’25, going to school in Lexington gives him a new perspective after growing up in Grayson.

“I wanted to make sure that I could get acclimated to the city before moving into somewhere larger,” Tiller said. “Transy having a small-knit community was a great way for me to have that small town, home-like connection in a bigger city.”

Taylor McGarvey ’25 is from Union, Kentucky. For her attending a school like Transy in a city the size of Lexington has been a unique experience. “Being a Kentucky resident, it’s really unique to be able to come to Transy because I’ve been able to meet a bunch different students from all over Kentucky, and that’s actually expanded my knowledge of the state I’m from.”

There’s still time for high school students from Kentucky to apply to Transylvania — the regular decision deadline is Feb. 1. Applying is free and easy. All students who apply by the Feb. 1 deadline will be considered for scholarships.