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Transylvania business major presents research at Kentucky Economic Association

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In this Q&A with Vaughn Hall ’23, the Transylvania University business major discusses his recent research paper presentation at the Kentucky Economic Association hosted by Northern Kentucky University. He also touches on his business and the support he’s getting from his college.

Q: What is your paper about?

My research was focused on analyzing the quality of money in our current financial system and how that directly impacts competition and entrepreneurship. I discussed the problems associated with unpredictable monetary policy today, and how bitcoin introduces a potential long-term solution to the problems that exist in our current financial infrastructure by giving property rights to billions of people on a globally sound, incorruptible and 100% predictable monetary network.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your business?

GreenBlock Labs was founded to further decentralize bitcoin mining operations by providing sustainable solutions to individuals, companies and other organizations willing to adopt and participate in a sound monetary network. 

Q: What did the research paper teach you as a CEO of your company?

My research allowed me to gain more knowledge of the history of money and to predict what the future of money may look like. It made me appreciate that good things take time, and it gave me a new perspective on future business opportunities. 

Q: What was the biggest challenge to writing a research paper? 

My biggest challenge was being able to compare and contrast our traditional financial system to a more modernistic, under-researched financial system such as bitcoin. I spent my summer working 11-hour shifts three-and-a-half days per week, and the other three-and-a-half days, I spent in the library reading books, studying the history of money and banking, and incorporating my findings into my research paper. 

Q: What was the best part of presenting your paper at the Kentucky Economics Association conference? 

The best part about presenting my research was the amount of engagement and positive feedback I received during and following my presentation. The attendees asked very good questions, and some followed up with me afterward to ask where they could learn more about my subject. It was very rewarding to hear everyone’s thoughts.

Q: How did Transy’s Center for Entrepreneurship Research Consortium help you?

The Center for Entrepreneurship has allowed me to connect with a diverse group of people from different majors and backgrounds who are motivated and want to see each other succeed. Having a group of people who care to share their thoughts and critiques helped me tremendously throughout the process. 

Q: What’s your advice for students at Transy who are interested in entrepreneurship and research? 

I recommend that everyone should explore entrepreneurship and/or research because it gives you a chance to create value for yourself and other people, and you never know how far it will take you. Taking a risk may or may not always be rewarding, but it at least gives you the opportunity to become more wise. 

Q: What are you going to do next?

Following my research and presentation, I plan to continue to expand my knowledge on the subjects of money, economics, philosophy, history and financial technologies and to apply what I learn by teaching others about how money works. I believe financial literacy is extremely important, and I want to share my knowledge with others to help them grow to become more financially educated.