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Transylvania, Frederick Douglass High School announce partnership to provide scholarships to bio-med program graduates

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Graduates of Frederick Douglass High School’s biomedical science program are the newest students eligible to receive a minimum $20,000 per year scholarship to attend Transylvania University. The newly announced partnership recognizes the achievements of academy graduates, while providing them with a path to further their education.

“I want these students to know that we value the work they are doing,” President Brien Lewis said. “We value their place in Lexington, and we want them to join us at one of the nation’s top liberal arts colleges right here in their hometown.” 

Lewis also emphasized that a degree from Transylvania helps to open doors. “After four years at Transy, more than 90% of our students recommended to medical schools and other health profession programs are admitted.”

Frederick Douglass Principal Lester Diaz said, “We are grateful that the work being done in our Academy of Health Science has a direct impact on our students and their future. Transylvania is taking community partnerships to the next level while expanding the world of possibilities for graduates of Frederick Douglass.” 

Through the partnership, students who graduate from the biomedical science program in the Douglass Academy of Health Science, apply to Transylvania by Feb. 1 of their senior year, and are admitted will receive a minimum renewable scholarship of $20,000 per year. Douglass students who are accepted to attend Transylvania are also eligible for a number of additional merit-based scholarships and financial aid opportunities. The average financial aid package for incoming Transylvania students is approximately $30,000 a year, making the actual costs of college more affordable.

The Academies of Frederick Douglass, including the health science program, seek to provide real-world, relevant and rigorous learning. By utilizing small learning communities, the academies promote teamwork, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity, which are skills relevant to all areas of life. 

As a Transylvania student, academy graduates may choose any of the university’s 46 majors but can also continue studies in the field through the natural science or pre-professional health programs. They’ll continue to be exposed to a wide range of career possibilities and begin to understand the interdependence of the various fields. 

The Douglass partnership is the newest scholarship program for students at Lexington high schools. Transylvania also provides opportunities to graduates of the Liberal Arts Academy at Henry Clay; the Math, Science and Technology Center at Dunbar; the IT Academy at Bryan Station; and Lexington Catholic’s Exemplar Scholars program. 

For more information on applying to Transylvania, visit transy.edu/admission