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It’s a wonderful Transylvania Christmas with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass

Transylvania University Crimson Christmas presents
Transylvania University Crimson Christmas present

As the season of giving comes along this year, many universities are planning to shut down their campuses so that students, faculty and staff may enjoy the holiday season with friends and family.

There is one partnership that does not close its doors during the holiday season — Crimson Christmas, which exemplifies the commitment of Transylvania University’s community engagement.

The 29th annual event is a tradition that normally consists of a gathering with Mr. and Mrs. Claus to enjoy the season of giving. While this is not possible in 2020, the event coordinators understand the importance of the event and its connection to the Lexington community and Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass, which partners with Transylvania for the event.

To bring the joy of giving this year, the program is giving a selected 20 children approximately $50 in presents. Once purchased, these gifts are wrapped by students and other volunteers from Transylvania. Then the presents are picked up by members of Big Brothers Big Sisters in order to distribute the gifts to the children. Aside from individuals who donated money, many went the extra mile by going out and buying the presents for the children.

“I would consider the event to be a success!” said Tevin Monroe, assistant director of campus and community engagement. “We may not have been able to operate the program in the way we are used to. However, I am happy that we were able to give a little bit of holiday love.”

Crimson Christmas graphic with reindeer

Transylvania community faculty, staff, students and friends of the university are more than happy to play Santa Claus and his elves in this unpredictable time. These gifts not only warm up the hearts of these children, but along with the season they promote a universal ideology that Transylvania University has stood for since its existence.

At its core, this event is promoting the magic of giving and the value of Christmas. The joy of the annual celebration is forming bonds, enjoying the company of others and giving to those who are less fortunate. Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass helps promote the idea of self-donation as a way to connect and establish a greater community around Transylvania.

Although Crimson Christmas donations concluded Nov. 30, if you are interested in learning more about the event or donating to Transylvania University as whole, visit the university website for the 2020 Year End Giving.

About the author: Kennedy Irakoze ’23 is a business marketing major from Kigoma, Tanzania, and a work-study student for the Office of Marketing and Communications.