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1780 | The Official Blog of Transylvania University

Healthy at Transy reopening update (Aug. 7, 2020)

Earlier this week, we published updates to the Healthy at Transy plan, specifically information on class modalities and on steps we are taking to create a safe environment for students, faculty and staff. Below is additional time sensitive information for your review. 

Class Modalities

All students should now be able to review updates to their class modalities for Modules 1, 2 and 3 in Transy’s Self-Service system. Classes are noted as online, in person or hybrid, which will involve some element of both online and in-person instruction. 

Transylvania’s return to campus prioritizes individual empowerment and community responsibility among our students, faculty and staff, giving each as much choice and flexibility as possible. Students will be empowered to choose between returning to a residential campus environment or transitioning to a remote learning environment. What that will look like includes range of options:

  • Residential in person with hybrid classes — students living on campus with classes held both online and in person.
  • Residential in person with online classes — students living on campus with online classes only.
  • Off campus/local with hybrid classes — students living off campus or locally with classes held both online and in person.
  • Off campus/local with online classes — students living off campus or locally with online classes only.
  • Fully remote with online classes — students taking classes online and not planning to come to campus during Modules 1, 2 or 3.

The registrar’s office asks students to let us know how you intend to participate in your classes for Modules 1, 2 and 3 during the fall 2020 term by completing this survey by Friday, Aug. 14. This information will be shared with faculty and will help us plan classroom space needs. 

Housing Intent Form

Students are also required to notify the Housing and Residence Life staff whether they intend to cancel their housing assignment by completing the housing intent form by Friday, Aug. 14. The requirement for living on campus is suspended for the 2020-21 academic year.

Tuition and Housing Fees

We have received a number of questions about reductions in tuition or room and board for the fall 2020 semester. 

At this point, we have not made any final determinations about a tuition discount. We intend to take a look at the whole arc of the school year and continue to evaluate possible reductions. Additionally, there are financial aid implications for students when considering a tuition discount. Any change in the cost of attendance, including a reduction in tuition, leads to a reevaluation of each student’s aid package and may result in a reduction of financial federal or state aid. 

For students who cancel their housing assignments, associated fees will be refunded. 

We believe our track record from earlier this year demonstrates that we will work to do what is right for students and families. This spring we moved swiftly to provide room and board refunds and distribute CARES Act funding, and sought additional institutional grants and loans to keep our staff employed and supporting students. We will continue to be thoughtful and deliberate in the financial decisions we make on behalf of our students during this unusual year.


The Healthy at Transy plan is posted online and answers a number of questions about Transylvania’s reopening plans. A Frequently Asked Questions page is being updated regularly. Also, be sure to visit the 1780 blog for additional information and stories on Healthy at Transy and returning to campus. 

  • For specific health related questions, the Campus Health Clinic can be reached via email at campusclinic@transy.edu
  • For questions regarding course registration or class modalities, contact the registrar’s office at registrar@transy.edu
  • Additional resources include Transy’s pre-health coordinator, Robin Prichard, who is serving as the special assistant to the president for public health. In this role, she will serve as the lead for the university’s COVID-19 pandemic response.