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Transylvania library publishes anti-racism resource list


Beth Carpenter, Transylvania University’s user services and instruction librarian, hails from the south side of Minneapolis — so the death of George Floyd struck close to home.

It was the same with Louisville’s Breonna Taylor, now that Carpenter lives in Kentucky.

The anger and helplessness she feels over those fateful events — emotions that many share, regardless of where they live — helped motivate her to publish a list of anti-racism resources on the Douglas Gay Jr./Frances Carrick Thomas Library website.

“Throughout the last few weeks, I’ve seen resources being shared through Instagram and Facebook and wanted to create a place that consolidated these resources (primarily from Black voices) to make them easier to access for our campus community,” Carpenter said.

Ranging from New York Times articles to downloadable e-books available to Transy students, faculty and staff, the project is part of the library’s mission to assist members of the campus community and others in their research and education.

“Anti-racism is made up of strategies, theories, actions and practices that challenge and counter racism, inequalities, prejudices and discrimination based on race,” according to the library. The list is an opportunity to explore available resources “as you begin or continue your journey in learning about anti-racism.”

Carpenter said, “This work is incredibly important and ongoing, and any support and encouragement that the library can offer, or that I personally can offer, to help faculty, staff and students, is paramount. This is about amplifying the voices of the chronically unheard — and making sure they are accessible to the people in our community.”

The library’s guide will be updated as more resources are identified. Email library@transy.edu to suggest additional items.