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‘Pass on thy light’: Transylvania remembers those lost to pandemic

Old Morrison
Old Morrison, on Transylvania University’s campus, illuminated in green light during the coronavirus pandemic, April 20, 2020. Photo by Garrison Drone Photography

“Hail Transylvania, we pass on the green light of compassion for our Lexington community.”

John N. Williams ’74, Interim President

Answering the call to shine a green light — the color of compassion — on buildings and homes across the commonwealth, Transylvania has turned on the lights at Old Morrison, the historic national landmark that serves as the university’s main administration building.  

“Transylvania lit our beautiful and iconic Old Morrison building with green lights to show compassion for those who have died from the virus, those who are ill, and all who have been negatively affected — physically, emotionally or economically by the pandemic. It is with compassion that we take care of each other,” said Interim President John Williams. 

Staff from the Mitchell Fine Arts Center lent their expertise to the request to light Old Morrison, including bringing MSI Production Services back to campus to assist with the project. MSI owner Sam White has previously worked on a number of Transylvania events and, more recently, installed green light tributes at Keeneland and the Kentucky governor’s mansion in Frankfort. 

Remembering those who died due to COVID-19 by illuminating Old Morrison is just one of the ways Transylvania has responded to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Last month Transylvania science faculty donated medical supplies to the Lexington community. The university is also has been partnering with the Hope Center to provide emergency shelter space for its clients in the Beck Center. 

“We thank those medical personnel of all levels, first responders, grocery workers, teachers, sanitation and cleaning staff who are working to keep us safe. Let’s all do what we need to do to get through this together,” Williams said.