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Transylvania, community partners launch WeCountLex video outreach effort

Transylvania Census WeCountLex

Civic and government partners across Lexington took to social media Tuesday to spread the message that the 2020 Census begins April 1. Interim President John Williams and Student Government Association President Jordan Hancock recorded videos included in the effort.

The video campaign was coordinated by WeCountLex, Lexington’s Complete Count Committee for the upcoming Census. The group is made up of local government officials, business leaders, community organizers, educators, faith-based groups and others.

Transy is a member of Lexington’s committee and has been working with other universities and schools in Fayette County to find the best ways to let students know they count where they live. 

“College students are a vital part of Lexington’s community and it’s important we ensure they are counted in the upcoming Census,” said Megan Moloney, vice president of marketing and communications.

Transy students need to be aware that they will count themselves in Lexington during the Census.

“The important thing is that students are counted where they live, not as part of our parents household,” said Hancock. “Whether you live on or off campus, fill in your form for that address”. 

For more information on the Census in Lexington, visit WeCountLex.org.