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Q&A with Transylvania pre-med student Maggie Wright ’22

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From one Pioneer to another … with thanks to everyone who supports the Transylvania Fund.

Maggie Wright ’22 is a pre-med student, Kenan scholar, chemistry major, president of the Student Alumni Association, sorority member, flautist, recipient of a music scholarship, native of Warsaw, Kentucky, and a double legacy student.

Why did you choose Transy?

Because when I visited campus, every single person greeted me even though they didn’t know me. Whether it was a smile or a little wave, it really made a difference. 

What is the impact of scholarships? What do they make possible?

These scholarships are the reason I’m here. My family could not afford an education for me without my scholarships. They truly make me work harder.

Why is an education at Transy so important to you?

I want to do fantastic things in life, and I do not believe that’s possible without my Transy education.

Why chemistry? What do you hope to do after you graduate? 

I have loved chemistry since high school, but everyone told me it was too hard and that I should be a biology major. I quickly realized when I arrived at Transy that biology was not for me, and I truly enjoyed chemistry. My goal is to attend medical school after graduation. 

What would you like to say to donors who make your scholarship possible?

Because of the generosity and thoughtfulness of our fantastic donors, I was able to come to Transylvania University. Without you, I would not be here fulfilling my goals and dreams. I cannot say thank you enough.

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