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Transylvania’s new Legacy Scholarship strengthens family ties to university

Old Morrison

For many families, attending Transylvania University is a tradition that spans the generations.

To help support these Pioneers, the school recently created the Legacy Scholarship, which starting next fall will award $8,000 over four years to eligible newly-enrolled students whose parents, stepparents, grandparents or siblings have attended Transylvania or are enrolled as of fall 2020.

In addition to helping students pay for their education, the new scholarship will have other positive impacts. “It builds a stronger bond between the families and the institution,” said Johnnie Johnson, interim vice president of enrollment. And since these families often are integral parts of their hometowns, it also helps strengthen the connection between the university and entire communities.

The Legacy Scholarship — which can be combined with other awards and aid — is a collaborative effort between Transylvania’s alumni and admissions offices. Students awarded the scholarship receive $2,000 each year, provided they continue meeting academic requirements.

Drew Dodds
Drew Dodds ’21 says scholarships such as the new Legacy Scholarship make a Transylvania education affordable.

This year, 25 new legacy students enrolled at Transylvania — out of around 50 who applied, Johnson said. With the new financial backing, that number may increase in the future, thus growing the overall student population.

Transylvania already offers an incentive for students with alums in the family. In 2016, the Alumni Board endowed what is now called the Alumni Heritage Scholarship. These funds come from the purchase of bricks, pavers and other components of Alumni Plaza. One scholarship goes to an incoming legacy student based on financial need and is renewed each year.

Awards like these make attending Transylvania a reality for many students. “Scholarships have allowed me personally to be able to afford the education I am receiving,” said pre-med junior Drew Dodds, who is a legacy himself — his mom, dad, aunt and two uncles went to Transylvania.