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Transy faculty, staff turn May term into GoS – a game of shirts

May Term Game of Shirts
May Term Game of Shirts

What started as a fun class activity blossomed into a competitive campus trend also known as #twinning this May term.

While it is hard to pinpoint exactly when the idea came to be, it is safe to say that Iva Katzarska-Miller and I have been building our shirt collection for some time. Initially the thought was we would jazz up our team-taught class with matching shirts that fit the theme of our books, but would also tie in our love for celebrating Wednesdays, a.k.a. “Hump Day.”

We were thrilled when our friends and graduates, Courtney Smith ‘16 and Katie Hamlin ‘17, picked up the theme on Facebook and decided to challenge us to a duel of sorts. Not to be outdone, our Admissions friends, Hannah Piechowski and Sarah Guinn ‘06, rose to the occasion with not only matching shirts, but also matching skirts.

Before heading off to what is likely to be tons of fun on wheels in Amsterdam, Sharon Brown and Alan Bartley ’93 entered the fray with their “Bike Transy” tees.

Courtney and Katie have not only prevailed as our persistent challengers, but have also upped the ante by staging witty responses to our daily offerings. My favorite in this regard is their pose in front of a fan with the quote, “blown away by the competition.” They then took it to the next level by throwing down the gauntlet with their Derby contest. It caused a “storm” in our camp as we quickly took a class theme and adapted it to the new game that has emerged.

We are halfway through May term 2019, and we look forward to whatever Courtney and Katie have in store for us.

Scroll through the slideshow below for photos from the May term “Game of Shirts.”

About the author: Carole Barnsley is an associate professor of religion and program director.