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Q&A with a rising junior provides glimpse into expanded GlobalTransy offerings

Grace Kim

Grace Kim a rising junior at Transylvania University, will study in Seoul, South Korea, this fall as part of the International Studies Abroad program at Korea University. Because of the expanded GlobalTransy offerings, Kim will take advantage of a program tailored to her psychology major—and in the country of her choice. Not only will she stay on track academically, but all of her regular Transy tuition, room and board will be applied. 

How does the program fit into your major and keep you on track academically?

As a current psychology major, this program fits in because I am taking all psychology classes at Korea University, and I am being kept on track academically because this institution offers me exciting electives for my major, such as Psycholinguistics and the Social Psychology of Dress.

How is this new program helping you financially?

I would have been paying out of pocket around $4,000-$5,000 without the help of GlobalTransy offerings. The new program is helping me financially through its relatively low cost of attendance. With the generous help of GlobalTransy, I will be able to participate in more excursions that will expand my overall cultural experience in South Korea.

What difference is this new program making to your overall Transy experience?

I know that being able to participate in this program is a unique lifetime experience that I will use to enlighten others about gaining an increased cultural awareness while studying abroad.

What do you hope to learn from your time in South Korea? And why is this opportunity of such value to you?

I hope to learn how to fluently speak with the natives in South Korea. Additionally, I want to learn more about the South Korean culture and the country’s history. This opportunity is of great value and importance to me because coming from a Korean-American household, I never got the perfect opportunity to speak with many native Koreans and learn how to effectively communicate my ideas in Korean with them. Therefore, I strongly believe that studying abroad will expand my current perception of education, and it will allow me to learn about my Korean heritage.

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