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Transylvania volleyball junior achieves success as student and athlete

Jordan Horne
Jordan Horne

Over the 2019 D3 Week at Transylvania, is highlighting both the experiences of our Transylvania faculty and staff with past collegiate playing careers at the Division III level and also those of current Pioneer student-athletes.

Today, we sit down with Transylvania volleyball junior Jordan Horne, a right-side hitter for the Pioneers who stood atop her peers on the way to earning Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference Offensive Player of the Year honors in Fall 2018. Jordan, how has being a volleyball player here at Transylvania enhanced your overall experience?

Jordan Horne: “Being a student athlete has kept me focused, making my time here more goal-oriented, and giving me a strong group of people to help me through all the ups and downs that come with both being a student and a volleyball player. Playing collegiate athletics has shaped me as a person because I have had to learn how to manage my time, how to be a productive member of a group, and how to face challenges head on.”

TS: What’s a key lesson you’ve learned as a collegiate student-athlete?

JH: “One lesson I learned was that you can always go further. Throughout my career I was pushed to be better, stronger, smarter, and there were times when I thought I was going to reach my limit. But my coach always pushed me and my advisor always pushed and eventually I started pushing myself and that’s when I realized I can go as far as I want to. When I stopped worrying about peaking or being pushed to my limit, I became limitless both on the court and in the classroom.”

TS: Why are Division III college athletics important to you?

JH: “I think athletics are an important part of the college experience because it provides a sense of belonging and it provides balance. Transy can be tough academically, so playing a sport at the Division III level is not only a great experience but a great outlet. Volleyball was always a place for me to decompress and just enjoy playing the game I love with my teammates who became some of my best friends.”

TS: How tough is the competition here at the Division III level?

JH: “Just like in the other NCAA divisions, it varies, Style of play varies from team to team, some programs are faster and stronger than others, but we all give one another good competition. I don’t think there are any teams which present no competition at all. In D3, you will always have to work hard to win.”

TS: What has been your best memory through your three years at Transylvania so far?

JH: “My favorite memory was finding out we were regular-season champions because we made history and did it together. The excitement from the girls and the coaches was just an amazing feeling because we knew we had accomplished something big and that we earned it.”

TS: What do you think is uniquely special about being a student-athlete at Transylvania?

JH: “I think being a student-athlete at Transy is special because everyone, your coaches, your teammates, everyone wants to see you succeed, both on the court and in the classroom. One doesn’t overpower the other. At Transy, student-athletes don’t have to choose our sport or our grades because we are set up to achieve both.”