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Transy alumni gather in Malibu, California

Transylvania Alumni Event

Arriving at the home of Cole Rucker ’85 in Malibu, California, Dr. Lora Bofill ’94 was excited to find so many alumni in attendance. “I had no idea how many Transy grads were in the area,” she says.

“We think that because Transy is small, it’s hard to find alumni in a place like Los Angeles. But we’re everywhere—all over the world. It’s kind of nice to see that.”

Transy supporters gather in the home of Cole Rucker ’85.

The ease of connecting with other grads revived her memories of life on campus. “We have a unique shared experience,” she says of her exchanges with alumni, “whether we’re from the Class of 1954 or the Class of 2018, we have that common ground.”

McRae Stephenson ’97, who joined Transy’s advancement team in January, agrees. “You don’t have the awkwardness of getting to know new people – even if you didn’t know them before. You can pick up the conversation seemingly where you left off. You have that commonality.”

Stephenson, a voice performance major at Transy who attended law school at the University of Louisville, circled back to Transy after consulting in higher education and advancement. “It has been so fun,” she says of her return.  

She and 30 others joined President Seamus Carey and Noreen Carey in the home of Cole Rucker. Stephenson is still talking about the experience–Rucker’s warm welcome, kind generosity and commitment to Transylvania—and the community that came together.

Pictured left to right: Jane Hodges ’64, Jeremy Yoder ’12, Erica Yoder ’12, Ravon Brooks ’09, and Ronnie Brooks ’07

“To have folks step forward and go to these lengths,” she says of Rucker’s generosity, “to open his gorgeous home and host a gathering specifically to benefit the university and our alumni, shows such loyalty and fondness for the university.”

That devotion was shared by all who attended.