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D3 Week 2019: Transylvania softball senior Brittany Mumford

mumford at bat

Over the 2019 D3 Week at Transylvania, is highlighting the experiences of our faculty and staff with past collegiate playing careers at the Division III level, as well as those of current Pioneer student-athletes.

Today, we gain insight from softball infielder Brittany Mumford, who has been part of the most successful generation of Pioneer softball. Since her arrival to Transy in 2015, the Pioneers have advanced to back-to-back NCAA regionals and to the Super Regional round in 2017 for the first time in program history. How has being a student-athlete helped to shape you for your future?

Brittany Mumford: Being a student-athlete has pushed me to be a better and stronger person overall. It has pushed me to limits that I did not know I had in me.

Being a student-athlete at a DIII school taught me the balance between physical ability and mental ability. Playing a collegiate sport showed me the importance of a mentality which I would have never learned if I did not play a sport. It shaped me for the future by teaching me it is OK to fail; you learn from it and become better from it. It taught me how to manage my time—which I will need in the future.

Most importantly, it taught me how to be strong and a leader. I truly believe that had I not played a sport in college, I would not have learned these important aspects which you need in life.

TS: What was a key lesson or philosophy you learned as a student-athlete that you would not have obtained otherwise?

BM: Failure is OK. You are going to go through life and face many failures with jobs or in personal relationships. You have to learn to accept the failure and learn from it, and the next time it comes around you will be better and stronger because you gained wisdom and learned from that moment.

TS: Why do you believe athletics are an important part of the college experience, specifically at the Division III level?

BM: Going to a DIII school, I feel like you are held to a high standard in your sport—but most importantly in the classroom. It is such a small community at the DIII level, so you are surrounded by professors, coaches, administrators, teammates and classmates that are always pushing you to be the best you can be.

Playing at the DIII level you have no choice but to manage your time wisely to keep up with the school work and perform well. Knowing how to manage these things only prepares you for your future. Playing a college sport at the DIII level is so important because it will push you farther than you think you could ever go.