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Transylvania art majors to present ‘Agnosiophobia: The Fear of Not Knowing’ from April 9-16

LEXINGTON, Ky.—Five Transylvania University studio art majors will present their thesis works in Morlan Gallery from April 9-16 in an exhibition titled “Agnosiophobia: The Fear of Not Knowing.”

The public is invited to brief art talks in the gallery by each senior about their works from 4-5 p.m. Friday, April 13. A reception will follow.

The graduating studio art majors are Jessica Chandler, from Louisville, Ky.; Claire Gardner, from Lexington; Annelisa Hermosilla, from Panama City, Panama; Samantha Klintworth, from Westerville, Ohio; and Poppy Liu, from Chengdu, China.

Morlan Gallery—which is on the main level of Transylvania’s Mitchell Fine Arts Center—is open weekdays, noon to 5 p.m., and by special appointment. Free, nearby parking is available. For an appointment, call Morlan Gallery Director Andrea Fisher 24 hours prior to viewing at (859) 233-8142. 


In their own words

Jessica Chandler

“I create art for the meditative process just as much as for the emotions it incites. Much of my work is figurative due to my interest in the desire of physical connectivity between people, as well as the internal emotional processes that take place within. The demographic I tend to lean toward is that of my own generation, especially with the recent targeted biases and stereotypes that have arisen against millennials in the last few years.” 

Claire Gardner

“My art has always been a way for me to work through my frustrations and entirely process difficult situations. I spend my time circulating between creating abstract images that allow the escape from everyday reality, to images clearly focused on nature that allow the escape from mankind, as well as images that combine abstract nature to allow escape into entirely unknown worlds.”

Annelisa Hermosilla

“My art revolves around ideas of femininity, religion and spirituality, the human body, and their relationship with nature, especially flora. I am interested in capturing concepts and ideas of identity in the context of religion and spirituality, while including nature motifs to allude to how interlocked the two are in my experience as a Hispanic woman.”

Samantha Klintworth

“When I create art, it is an expression of self—either emotions, passions, or perspective—or it is with the end goal of my favorite effect that art can have on others: to spread joy. Creating art is my calling, my passion, and the one thing I’ve always been able to depend on in life, and as such I love to use it and my ability to share and communicate what I struggle to do through other means.”

Poppy Liu

“In my art, I’d love to express the dynamic, multifaceted traits of naturalistic objects in a subjective, imaginative way. For me it’s more exciting to observe things from a spectrum rather than a point, in a process rather than a single moment.”