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Transylvania’s student newspaper, The Rambler, wins multiple awards at Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association conference

LEXINGTON, Ky.—The Rambler, Transylvania University’s student newspaper, took home 27 awards from the 2013 Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association (KIPA) Awards competition. It competes in the KIPA’s B Division for schools with 5,000 or fewer students.

Sports editor Cory Collins, a senior from Vanceburg, Ky., led the way for the staff with seven individual awards, including both first and third places in the Sports News and Sports Feature categories. Also winning first place awards were designer Rachel Smith, a junior from Mayfield, Ky., in Opinion Page Layout; editor-in-chief Jake Hawkins, a senior from Princeton, Ky., in Editorial Writing; managing editor Molly Crain, a senior from Flemingsburg, Ky., in News Headline; and Andrew Williams ’12 in Comic Strips.

“I’m really happy that we’ve been able to continue a tradition of excellence at the KIPA Awards,” Hawkins said. “I’m especially happy for Cory Collins for taking essentially every award for the sports category. The awards are only a small symbol of the hard work our staff puts into this paper on a weekly basis.”

The Rambler was founded in 1915 and publishes every Thursday during the academic year. Students volunteer their time to write and edit stories, shoot photos and design the newspaper.

“I couldn’t be more proud of what they’ve have accomplished, not just in terms of awards, but also in producing a quality newspaper every single week,” student media advisor Tyler Young said. “These are all students with full-time schedules studying subjects outside of journalism who have managed to become outstanding newspaper writers, photographers and designers, and it’s great to see so many accolades come their way.”

A full list of Rambler awards:

  • Front Page Layout, third place, Rachel Smith
  • Informational Graphic, second place, Rachel Smith
  • Overall Layout, second place, Sally Jagielski and Rachel Smith
  • Sports Page Layout, honorable mention, Rachel Smith
  • Best Feature Headline, second place, Scarlett Blevins
  • Best News Headline, first place, Molly Crain
  • Best News Headline, second place, Rachel Smith
  • Feature Story, honorable mention, Sara Sproull
  • Personality Profile, second place, Erica Clark
  • Personality Profile, third place, Cory Collins
  • Review, second place, Mindy Borie
  • Review, honorable mention, Kaitlin Haggard
  • Continuing News, second place, Cory Collins
  • News Story, second place, Jake Hawkins
  • News Story, third place, Rachel Smith
  • Sports Photo, second place, Matthew Durr
  • Sports Feature, first place, Cory Collins
  • Sports Feature, third place, Cory Collins
  • Sports Game Story, third place, Cory Collins
  • Sports News Story, first place, Cory Collins
  • Sports News Story, third place, Cory Collins
  • Comic Strip, first place, Andrew Williams
  • Comic Strip, third place, Tyler Dunham
  • Editorial Writing, first place, Jake Hawkins and board
  • Editorial Writing, second place, Jake Hawkins and board
  • Editorial Writing, third place, board
  • Opinion Page, first place, Rachel Smith