Accessibility Statement

Transylvania University’s Writing Center seeks to serve its patrons in a meaningful way.

As such, Writing Center staffers commit to making both our physical and online spaces as accessible as possible. Although such efforts are a work in progress, and although formal accessibility training is not part of becoming a Writing Center staffer, we’re eager to learn about the access needs of our writing community and to continue to grow our skills as collaborators.

TUWC staffers are nominated by faculty and take part in either a .5 credit or full credit practicum course in writing center theory and practice; our practicum is focused around community-building, collaborative learning, and access for all.

At present, here are some of the resources we offer:

  • a variety of techniques for discussing writing tasks, drafting, and revision planning
  • quiet spaces, if requested, for one on one appointments (away from our common area that tends to be louder, etc)
  • online appointments, by patron request, for any reason (simply request via WC Online, please)
  • staffers from a variety of academic disciplines who are trained in a variety of ways to help support college writers across academic disciplines
  • evening and weekend hours, as we can, in recognition of schedule complexity
  • easy to access resources such as Purdue OWL and guidelines concerning document design and accessibility that both students and faculty can use for their own writing

    All students have access to these accommodations whether or not they are formally registered for accommodations with the university.

As a student support program, we collaborated with TU Web Developer Lee Boone to reconsider our website, for a variety of reading needs. We also maintain contact with TU’s accessibility services coordinator, Director of ESL/Tutoring, and TU-Writing Advisory Committee members.

When reserving a session slot via our WC Online platform, students are provided the opportunity to add notes on accommodations they see as best. Staffers will provide anything listed here upon request, no explanation needed. 

We strive to make TUWC a more inclusive, supportive space for all writers. Your feedback is important and helps us know where we can reimagine parts of the Writing Center experience. If you have suggestions at all for TUWC, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our contact form.

Katy Walsh ’24 and Kennedy Bruner ’24