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Michael W Nicholson ’96 and Nancy J. Peek, a daughter, Cora Ann, September 2021

Andrea Perry Quigley ’01 and R. Sean Quigley ’01, a son, Connor James, November 2023

Bethany Loader Baker ’06 and Justin Baker, a daughter, Ruby Ann, August 2022

Amanda Meneghetti Turcotte ’09 and Gregory M. Turcotte ’09, a daughter, Adelane Grace, January 2023 

Amy Cason Goldwine ’10 and Peter Goldwine, a daughter, Blair Elizabeth, November 2022

Melissa A. Woods ’10 and Brian Bogart, a daughter, Sylvia, February 2023

Amanda Foley Harvill ’11 and Jon Harvill, a son, Maze Jefferson, July 2023

Brooke Benton ’12 and Jess Marvin, a daughter, Catherine, Nov. 2023

Cody W. Alton ’12 and Dana Jespersen, a son, Wesley, July, 2022

Tadarro Lee Richardson ’12 and McKenzie Vater, a son, Tadarro James, April 2023

Joshua A. Travis ’12 and Judy Kohut, a daughter, Lucille Ray Zo, October 2022

Courtney Baughman Sizemore ’13 and Evan R. Sizemore ’14, a daughter, Kimberly Rollins, January 2023

Brianna Lafferty DeLong ’14 and Casey DeLong, a son, Otto Morgan, October 2023

Kameron D. Mason ’14 and Brittany Weaver Mason, a son, Kai Alexander, June 2023 

Nicole L. Tomaszewski-Wilson ’15 and Jonna E. Wilson ’16, a daughter, Marlowe, June 2023

Danielle Evans-Clan ’17 and Travis Clan, a son, Benjamin Lee, September 2023

Jenna Phelps Hopkins ’19 and Michael Hopkins, a daughter, Emryn Brooke, May 2023

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