Transy sustainability effort: overview

Student Involvement

At Transylvania, sustainability is more than an intellectual concept. It's a way that students can get personally involved and make real inroads on the issues and problems facing our world.

Student Organizations

Transylvania Environmental Action League (TEAL) is a student-run organization dedicated to sustainability outreach and action, both on campus and beyond. Some of TEAL's activities include organizing a No Impact event that included several students camping out in Back Circle and volunteering regularly at FoodChain.

Power Shift '09

The Student Government Association (SGA) has a representative who serves as a liaison to the university's sustainability committee. Several SGA committees are actively involved with sustainability initiatives across campus. SGA funds enhancements to printers to provide the option of duplex printing. SGA also funded recycling bins for every student room to encourage recycling.

Sustainability Council

The President's Council on Sustainability serves as the driving force behind sustainability on Transylvania's campus, making recommendations to the president and ensuring that adopted recommendations are carried out successfully. Positions on the Sustainability Council are available for students, and students are encouraged to get involved in decision making.


Several federal work-study paid positions are available in the sustainability office for students interested in furthering sustainability on and off campus.