Transy sustainability effort: overview

Green Dining

Transylvania dining is good for more than just the taste buds. It’s also working to reduce waste and water use and contribute to the overall culture of sustainable living on campus.

  • Transylvania’s dining services provider, Sodexo, purchases seasonal locally-grown produce when available.
  • The 1780 Café offers only organic and sustainably-produced coffee. Jazzman’s Café offers the option of organic, fair trade coffee. Bulk and bottled water are purchased from a local spring water company, and flour and cornmeal are purchased from a local mill.
  • A vegetarian option is offered at every meal in all eating locations, and vegan meals are offered on request.
  • Most dishware is reusable, and no Styrofoam products are used.
  • Starting in fall 2011, the start-of-the-year picnic is a waste-free event.
The dining hall has implemented tray-less Tuesdays and Thursdays, reducing water use and wasted food. Many students, faculty, and staff extend tray-less Tuesdays and Thursday to every day of the week.