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As an interdisciplinary major, international affairs draws the majority of its courses from those offered by other academic programs. Click Major/Minor Patterns, above, to review required economics, history, and political science courses as well as suggested electives.

International Affairs Courses

INTL 4444 Senior Seminar in International Affairs
Understanding international affairs involves more than simply describing; integral to our understanding is also explanation. This course will address the theoretical approaches which scholars and observers have used to explain outcomes. After discussing problems common to all theoretical endeavors, the course will proceed to discuss major schools of thought. The course will apply the approaches to interpret major issues of the post-Cold War period, testing the explanatory power of the theories. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. IV

INTL 4444 Senior Seminar in International Affairs
The culminating experience for the major in international affairs. Integrates political, economic, and historical aspects of the discipline with theoretical, empirical and normative aspects of the discipline. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. IV

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