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Computer Science Spotlight

Jason Whitaker
Jason Whitaker: Returning Home »

“What worked for me still works for our computer science grads today. They’ll have a solid technical background, and they’ll have skills that come from having a liberal arts education that will give them a leg up.”

Steve Banfield
Steve Banfield: The Social Networker »

“There was a lot expected at Transylvania, both from the faculty and the other students. You were seen as someone who had achieved something. It was a really positive thing because it positioned you to step up to that responsibility.”

Tari Young
Tari Young: Engineering Success »

“A liberal arts education forces you outside of the box of a traditional education and comfort. You are exposed to so much more, and this will give you the unique advantage and perspective that others may not have when growing in their career.”

Mike Finley
Mike Finley: Finding Software Solutions »

“An engineer solves a problem he or she is given; a liberal arts graduate thinks about what the problems might be and solves those.”

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