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Travel Abroad

The Anthropology program is committed to offering travel experiences for our majors during the May term. These courses integrate anthropology material with a travel component to give our students a unique experience that counts towards their major.

Courses of special interest

  • Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion
  • Health, Healing, and Culture
  • Gender, Culture, and the Body
  • Urban Anthropology
  • Latin American Prehistory
  • Appalachia and the Environment
  • Sustainable Development
  • History and Theory of Anthropology
  • The Anthropology of Food
  • Service Learning: The Refugee Experience in Lexington
  • Corporate Anthropology
  • Global Health
  • Toyota in the Bluegrass (team-taught with psychology faculty)
  • Psychology and Anthropology in the Corporate World (team-taught with psychology faculty)

Catalog 2015-2016

Our program provides students with a dynamic understanding of local and global culture by integrating classroom instruction with travel opportunities and hands-on learning such as internships and service-learning.

Transylvania also offers a major in sociology/anthropology

Anthropology Major/Minor Patterns
11 course units, including:
ANTH 1024 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 1034 Human Origins or
ANTH 1054 Introduction to Archaeology
SOC 2224 Research Methods in the Social Sciences
ANTH 3944 Junior Seminar: History and Theory of Anthropology
ANTH 4444 Senior Seminar

6 Anthropology electives, 3 of which must be at 3000-level or above.
Note:1 elective outside the social sciences division may be used with approval of the Sociology/Anthropology program director.
6 course units, including:
ANTH 1024 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 1034 Human Origins or
ANTH 1054 Introduction to Archaeology
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