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Withdrawal from the University and Refunds

The completion of registration contractually obligates the student and the student's benefactors to pay all of the student's tuition and fees for the entire term. However, Transylvania has established a withdrawal and refund policy so that the university and the student may share the loss equitably when it is necessary for a student to withdraw from the university. Transylvania has adopted the federal refund calculation for all fees charged to a student's account. The fees charged to a student's account are directly proportional to the percent of enrollment period attended. Charges are prorated up to 60 percent of the enrollment period.

To determine the percentage of enrollment period attended, divide the number of days attended by the number of days in the enrollment period.

For example:

If a student withdraws Percent Charged Percent Refunded
Before the first day of class 0% charged 100% refunded
At 1% enrollment period 1% charged 99% refunded
At 2% enrollment period 2% charged 98% refunded
At 3% enrollment period 3% charged 97% refunded
… … …
At 59% enrollment period 59% charged 41% refunded
At 60% enrollment period 60% charged 40% refunded
Beyond 60% 100% charged 0% refunded

Students who receive scholarships and/or financial aid of any kind will have their packages recalculated based on the same proportion as above, in accordance with the Higher Education Amendments of 1998, public law 105-244. This includes all sources of financial aid: institutional, federal, state, and all other outside types of assistance. Details can be found in the Federal Student Handbook available in the Office of Financial Aid.

Students and parents have a right to appeal decisions made regarding financial transactions. The process begins with the student account specialist in the accounting office.

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