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Common Questions about Student Accounts

Student Accounting Services

Office hours:
8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays
Old Morrison, first floor

Email: billing@transy.edu
Phone: (859) 233-8150
Fax: (859) 281-3506

Mailing address:
Transylvania University
Accounting Office
300 North Broadway
Lexington, KY 40508

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  • What is the enrollment deposit for new students?

    The deposit is $250 and confirms a new student's intention to enroll the following academic year. The total amount is applied to the student services deposit that is required of all Transylvania students. Click the "Tuition and fees" link at the bottom of the Student Accounting Services page for more information.

  • What is the enrollment deposit for returning students?

    This $250 deposit is required in early April prior to fall term registration. The total amount is applied to the student's account, split between fall and winter terms.

  • What is the student services deposit?

    All Transylvania students are required to pay the student services deposit, which covers miscellaneous charges such as key replacements, health services fees, library fines, etc.

    If money is deducted from this deposit during the course of a year, the student must replenish it up to the $250.00 level before fall term registration (which takes place in early April) in order to gain clearance to register.

    The balance will carry over from term to term and will be refunded to the student upon graduation or withdrawal from the university. Students can view the status of their student services deposit on TNet.

  • What is the Level Tuition Plan (LTP)?

    Transylvania offers an optional Level Tuition Plan (LTP) to new first-time, full-time freshmen. LTP offers first-year students a one-time opportunity to lock in the tuition rate for eight consecutive fall and winter terms. Under the plan, students will pay a slightly higher rate of tuition for the first year, but will be guaranteed that same rate for the next six consecutive fall and winter terms. Students must remain enrolled and graduate in four years to maximize their savings.

    Students participating in LTP are eligible for the same financial assistance programs and scholarships available to everyone. Payments are made according to the paid-in-full plan or the 12-month plan. Click the "Payment plans" link at the bottom of the Student Accounting Services page for more information.

    Over the last few years annual tuition increases have ranged from five to six percent. At that rate, you could save approximately $3,000 during your four years at Transylvania.

    New first-time, full-time freshmen choosing this plan should read and sign the LTP contract you receive in the mail and return it to the Office of Admissions prior to June 1. Contact the student accounting services office if you have any questions about the Level Tuition Plan and how it works.

  • How is my net balance calculated?

    When you register for classes, the student accounting office calculates your financial obligation to Transylvania University. Your total charges (tuition, housing, meal plan, etc.) less any financial aid, scholarships, VA benefits, or third party payments for each term result in the net balance due.

    Sample calculation

  • How and when are billing statements sent?

    Emails are sent each month to students’ official Transylvania email accounts reminding them to view their statements and payment plan information. Emails are sent approximately two weeks before payment is due.

    Students whose account balance is paid in full will not receive an email. Transylvania does not send paper billing statements.

  • Why did my payment amount change this month?

    Changes in financial aid, tuition, course fees, housing, meal plan, or other charges may result in an increase or decrease in the amount due for the month. Students may, at any time, elect to pay an amount greater than the amount due on the billing statement, or pay the entire balance in full.

  • If my financial aid, scholarships, or third party payments create a credit balance on my account, when will that be available?

    Typically, the student accounting office processes refunds the Wednesday after tuition charges become final for the term. Refer to the academic calendar for the exact date.

    We issue a refund whenever an account shows a credit balance. To receive your refund via ACH direct deposit into your bank account:

    1. Log on to TNet.
    2. Click Bank Information (U.S.).
    3. Enter your bank account information.

  • How do I obtain required books and supplies prior to refund checks being processed?

    Pell-eligible students can contact the accounting office to obtain a bookstore voucher.

  • Does the university offer a tuition refund plan?

    Transylvania University does offer a tuition refund plan, administered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. This optional insurance protects your educational investment by reimbursing 100 percent of tuition if you are forced to withdraw from school due to a personal illness or accident. If you withdraw due to a mental or nervous disorder, 60 percent of tuition is covered. Refer to the tuition refund brochure for more information.

    To sign up for the tuition refund plan:

    1. Log on to TNet.
    2. Select Payment Options Form.

  • As a student, how do I view billing statements and payment plan via TNet?

    1. Log in to TNet and click the TNet for Students menu bar.

    2. Select View Account and Make Payments, and click Account Activity.

    3. Select Term from drop down to view statement for that term.

    You should see your statement. To go back, press the OK button at the bottom of the page and repeat these steps.

  • How does my outside scholarship get applied to my account?

    If you have received an outside scholarship (including VA benefits), send documentation regarding the scholarship to billing@transy.edu. Once notice of an outside scholarship is received, it is added to the student’s financial aid package.

    Until the first day of classes, the outside scholarship will appear on the student’s tuition statement as anticipated aid. After the first day of classes, if the funds for the outside scholarship have been received, they will be moved from anticipated to disbursed.

    If the funds have not been received, they will remain in anticipated aid and the student is billed for the amount of the outside scholarship. This may cause the student’s monthly payment amount to increase.

    It is the student’s responsibility to contact the scholarship organization about payment and determine if it needs additional documentation to disburse the funds. Otherwise, the student is responsible for the total amount due.

  • Is there anyone who can provide assistance with financial aid and scholarships?

    Transylvania's financial aid office provides counseling about student expenses, financial aid opportunities, and money management. For more information, contact the financial aid office at (859) 233-8239.

  • What meal plans does the university offer?

    The university offers several meal plan options for students:

    • 10-meal plan—10 meals per week with an annual allotment of $700 in flex dollars

    • 14-meal plan—14 meals per week with an annual allotment of $400 in flex dollars

    • 19-meal plan—19 meals per week

    • 160-meal block plan—160 meals per semester with an annual allotment of $300 in flex dollars

    • Commuter plan 40—40 meals plus $50 in flex dollars

    • Commuter plan 60—60 meals plus $50 in flex dollars

    Commuter meal plans roll over from fall to spring and expire at the end of May term. Block meals are good for redemption in the Forrer dining hall (all you care to eat) or as meal exchanges in any of the other dining facilities. The flex dollars may be used at any dining location on campus.

    For more information about meal plan costs, visit the Student Accounting Services page and click Tuition and fees.

  • I have graduated; how can I get a copy of my 1098-T form?

    Your 1098-T form and your account statement are available 24/7 on TNet. If you need to update your email address in order to reset your TNet password, complete the alumni access form.

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