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Academic Information

Can you explain Transylvania’s academic calendar?

Transylvania operates on a 4-4-1 academic year, with two 14-week terms (fall and winter) and a one-month term in May. An August term is also required for first-year students. Students normally take four one-unit courses during both the fall and winter terms and one full-unit course during May term. This system works well for students pursuing off-campus and study abroad opportunities during the school year and summer. The three-week August term is an academic and extracurricular program that prepares entering first-year students for academic success and personal growth and earns them one unit of credit for the First Engagements Seminar. Students read and discuss books and participate in student-life programs that orient them to college.

Who maintains student records and coordinates course scheduling and advising?

The registrar’s office prepares and maintains student records, publishes the course schedule, enforces academic policies and coordinates academic advising. The office provides verification of enrollment for such things as insurance, good student discounts and jury duty exemptions.

Is there a minimum grade point average that students must maintain?

Students must maintain a minimum grade point average to remain in good academic standing. First-year students must earn 1.66, sophomores 1.85 and juniors and seniors 2.0. If at the end of the first term of attendance at Transylvania a student has a GPA of less than 1.0, the student may be suspended from the university. For more information on academic policies, refer to the University Catalogor call the dean of the university at 859-233-8121.

How do students receive their grade reports after each term?

Grade reports are provided to students at the end of each term via TNet, the online information portal. The university encourages students to share their academic records with their parents. Grades are not automatically sent to parents, even with the signed Information Release Form, which allows Transylvania to provide you only with limited, general information about your student’s academic progress. Contact the registrar’s office at or 859-233-8116 for more information about this policy or read about the 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

How are academic advisors assigned to students?

Upon admission to the university, students are paired with a faculty mentor/advisor who also serves as the student’s instructor for the First Engagements Seminar. Students will stay with this same advisor throughout their first year. They are given the opportunity to change advisors in April. Once a student declares a major, they are encouraged to select an advisor within their academic program or division.

Does Transylvania have a center that can help students prepare for their career after college?

The Career Development Center has a comprehensive four-year plan to help students focus on goals and prepare for life after college. The center also assists students with finding internships and part-time employment. For more information, call the Career Development Center at (859) 233-8193. In addition, the university has created 100 Doors to Success, a mentoring program that pairs students with seasoned alumni who are experienced professionals.

Are there any special academic programs my child can participate in?

Transylvania offers a variety of study abroad and off-campus programs. Students may participate in internships and academic programs year round in the United States and abroad. Call the Office of Study Abroad at (859) 233-8124 for more information.