Campus Awareness Response & Evaluation

What is a CARE team?

The CARE team is a campus-wide team of appointed staff and faculty responsible for identifying, assessing and responding to concerns and/or concerning behaviors by students who struggle academically, emotionally or psychologically, and/or who present a risk to the health or safety of the university or its members. 

Who should be referred to the CARE team and when?

Students displaying concerning behaviors or signs of distress should be referred to the CARE team. These can be academic, emotional, physical, etc. Here are a few examples of concerning behaviors or signs of distress that the CARE team can address. Keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive. If you are worried about a student, please submit a CARE referral.

  • Academic issues (disruptive classroom behavior, excessive absences, disturbing written material, etc.)
  • Emotional issues (depression, significant change in appearance or behavior, increased impulsivity, etc.)
  • Physical issues (concussion, prolonged illness, hospital stay, etc.)
  • Personal issues (death of a family member, job loss, major roommate concern, etc.)

Concerns for safety, including suicidal ideation, suicidal gestures, harm to others, or significant disconnection from reality, should be first reported to 911 and/or university police. Following a report to 911 or law enforcement, a referral form should be submitted to the CARE team. 

What happens once a report is submitted to the CARE team?

Once a report is received, the CARE team discusses the best steps for follow up. This will often involve direct outreach from a member of the CARE team. The staff member who reaches out is able to share that a CARE report was submitted, although they cannot share who submitted it. 

If a student is contacted by the CARE team, does that mean that they are in trouble?

No! The CARE team is separate from the University judicial system. The sole aim of the CARE team is to provide support for students, so CARE team members treat cases involving drugs and alcohol as part of our medical amnesty process.

How can I contact the CARE team?

The CARE team reporting form is public-facing and any person, regardless of their affiliation with the university, may submit a referral to the team. The CARE team allows anonymous referrals. Students may also submit a self-report if they are experiencing concerns and would like to receive outreach from the CARE team.

Use the forms below to submit your concerns. Form responses are stored securely in our centralized reporting and record keeping system.

If you are a student struggling with academic, financial, health or personal matters please use the CARE Team Self-Reporting Form 

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