Multicultural studies

Multicultural Studies Interdisciplinary Minor Pattern
Students must take ANTH 1024, Cultural Anthropology, and 6 additional courses from the list below. Students are also required to complete course 1034 in a foreign language and or demonstrate equivalent proficiency. No more than 2 courses from a student’s major or other minor pattern may be used to satisfy requirements of the multicultural studies minor. Additional courses not listed here (such as special topics, independent study, or courses taken at other institutions) may be used to fulfill the requirements of the minor with the approval of the coordinator of Multicultural Studies. It is strongly recommended that students satisfy their Area III List B general education requirement by taking HIST 1024, Western Civilization II.

Core Course:
ANTH 1024 Cultural Anthropology

Any 6 of the following:
ANTH 2314 Politics and Society of Japan
ANTH 2554 African Art and Culture
ANTH 3314 Latin America Prehistory
ANTH 3424 Appalachia and the Environment
ARTH 1604 Introduction to Asian Art
ARTH 2554 African Art and Culture
ARTH 2624 Arts of China
ARTH 2644 Arts of Japan
ARTH 3624 Buddhist Art of China
ARTH 3644 Modern Chinese Art
CLA 3224 Augustan Rome
ENG 2124 Introduction to African Fiction
ENG 2284 Recent South African Fiction
HIST 2034 Blacks in American Life and Thought
HIST 2114 History of Indian Civilization
HIST 2244 The Roman Empire
HIST 2304 Pre-Modern China
HIST 2374 History of Africa
HIST 2404 Latin American Civilization I or
HIST 2414 Latin American Civilization II
HIST 3434 Central American History
HIST 3444 Latin American Revolutions
HIST 3454 Women and Men in Latin America
HIST 3554 History of Imperial Russia
HIST 3564 History of the Soviet Union
PHIL 2504 Ancient Chinese Thought
PHIL 2514 Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy
PHIL 3534 Black Feminist Theory
PS 2304 Politics and Society of Japan
PS 2324 Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa
PS 2405 Politics of the Middle East
PS 3314 Political Development
PS 3334 Politics of Russia
REL 2134 Foundations of Asian Religions
REL 2504 Ancient Chinese Thought
REL 2524 Islamic Religious Traditions
REL 2534 Hindu Religious Traditions
REL 2544 Buddhist Religious Traditions
WS 3534 Black Feminist Theory