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German Minor Pattern
5 courses above 1034 (excluding GER 2044)
GER 1014 German I: The Personal World
GER 1024 German II: The German-Speaking World
GER 1034 German III: Topical Issues
GER 2044 German Cinema for Non-Minors
GER 2054 German Cinema for Minors
GER 2074 German Literature in Translation
GER 2104 Contemporary Germany
GER 2224 German Geography, Political Institutions, and Social Structures
GER 2281 German Across the Curriculum
GER 2294 Special Topics
GER 2304 Still Draussen vor der Tur: Other Voices in German
GER 2344 The Wall Falls: Putting Germany Together Again
GER 2904 Travel in German-Speaking Countries
GER 3014 Independent Study and Research
GER 3104 Berlin, Bonn, East-Berlin: The Third Reich, The Stunde Null
GER 3204 Berlin and Weimar: Birth and Rebirth of a Nation, 1871-1933
GER 3304 Vienna and Munich: Aesthetes, Decadents, and the fin-de-siècle
GER 4204,4208 Immersion Experience Abroad: Germany