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English Major/Minor Patterns
12 course units to include: 1 course from the following:
ENG 1074 Perspectives on Literatures
ENG 1134 Introduction to Poetry
ENG 1144 Introduction to Fiction
1 course from the following:
ENG 2474 Survey of British Literature I*
ENG 2104 The Comic Spirit
ENG 2124 Introduction to African Fiction
ENG 2134 American Writing of Nature
ENG 2144 Women’s Literature
ENG 2154 American Women Writers and Ethnicity
ENG 2174 Popular Fictions
ENG 2344 The Culture of Nature
ENG 2364 American Poetry since 1945
ENG 2484 Survey of British Literature II
ENG 2534 Detective Fiction
ENG 2624 American Gothic
ENG 2724 Literature and Medicine