In Case You Missed It

April 7-14, 2017

Transylvania University Bachelor of Fine Arts students Carrie Billett, Henry Kramer, Hannah Logsdon and Theodora Salazar showcase their best work in this culminating exhibition.

Special Events
Opening Reception for the Artists Friday, April 7, 6-7 p.m.
Artist Talks by the Graduating Seniors: Friday, April 7, 7-8 p.m.

The Places We Live

Feb. 21-March 29, 2017
(Closed the week of March 13 for Spring Break) 

featuring the work of Maria Lind Blevins, Meredith Knapp Brickell with the Busy Bees and Felice Salmon, Wes Janz, Mark Menjivar, Sean Starowitz and Michael Strand

“The Places We Live” is an exhibition of artists working in social engagement, an art practice where artists co-create their work with specific audiences. Six U.S. social intervention artists will activate local and regional spaces while exhibiting tangible art objects from those programmed interventions.

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Black Bone

Jan. 13-Feb. 14, 2017 
(closed Jan. 16)

featuring the work of Brian Campbell, Angel Clark, Willis “Bing” Davis, Natasha Giles, Jared Owens, Kelly Phelps, Kyle Phelps, Bobby Scroggins, Bianca Spriggs, Kiptoo Tarus, Frank X Walker, Valeria Watson, and Lavon Van Williams

Black Bone is an exhibition of visual artists and poets sharing how those connected to Affrilachia tell the story of the United States through visual and written culture. Titled after the Affrilachian Poet’s first literary anthology released in January, this month-long exhibition showcases artists and poets from states touched by the Appalachians—notably Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina and Ohio. The term “Affrilachia” was originally coined by Frank X Walker and is, according to the Affrilachian Poets website, “an ever-evolving cultural landscape poised to render the invisible visible. Affrilachia embraces a multicultural influence, a spectrum of people who consider Appalachia home and/or identify strongly with the trials and triumphs of being of this region.”

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Enough to Swear By

Oct. 28-Dec. 4, 2016 
(closed Nov. 23-25)

featuring the work of EJ Brown, Diem Chau, Althea Crome, Donna Conlon, Thomas Doyle, Lorenzo M. Duran, Robert Haven, Dalton Ghetti, Allison May Kiphuth, Lorraine Loots, David Mohallatee, Bob Morehead, Heather Moreton, Slinkachu, Kate Sprengnether, Laura Stein, Ericka VanHorn and Lee-Anne Wessel.

This exhibition features mittens so tiny a grain of rice would fit in a finger, sculptures carved from pencil tips and horse bridles and saddles so small, a miniature pony would be too large to fit. “Enough to Swear By” features artists from around the world, and just down the street, who are working in small scale to large effect.

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American Mortal

Sept. 16-Oct. 14, 2016

featuring the work of Becky Alley and Melissa Vandenberg

Becky Alley and Melissa Vandenberg create works of commemoration set within the context of United States politics. With the fever pitch of presidential elections just weeks away, the two artists jump into the political fray with sincerity and satire as they try to untangle ideas of nostalgia, gender and the homeland.

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