Missy Johnston: A Fitting Retrospective

Sept. 9‑Oct. 7

An exhibition celebrating the theatrical art and career of Missy Johnston, Costume Designer for Transylvania University for 15 years.

Exhibition Programming

  • “Inside the retrospective, A discussion with Missy Johnston”: Thurs., Sept 15, 5:30‑6:30 p.m. in Carrick Theater
  • Opening Reception / Gallery HOP: Fri., Sept. 16, 5‑8pm 

Mnemonic Devices

An exhibition considering what it means to remember

Oct. 24‑Nov. 22

Curated by Emily Goodman — Associate Professor of Art History

Memory is more than just a psychological phenomenon. How we store and recall information, experiences, and data informs how we understand and navigate the world around us. Throughout human history, various techniques and technologies have emerged to help aid our memory ranging from mythological narratives designed to pass on oral histories, written texts documenting our lived conditions to images that capture the ethos of a particular moment, and digital tools that provide us with multiple millennia’s worth of human knowledge at the stroke of our fingertips.

Of all of the “mnemonic devices” that we have come to implement to help enhance our collective remembering, no tool has had such an indelible impact on how we understand memory than the photographic image. So ubiquitous is the relationship between photography and recollection that we even have a term specifically used to describe the phenomenon of nearly perfect recall: the photographic memory.

This exhibition seeks to examine how the photograph — both the still and moving image — has shaped what and how we remember. In particular, this show will examine what it means to remember and whose memories we value. Works in this exhibition will consider different forms of memory and will explore how photography and video shape our understanding of our past — individually and collectively, socially and politically.

Exhibition Programming

  • Joekenneth Museau film screening and artist talk: Oct. 17 6‑7 p.m. in Carrick Theater
  • Michael Mandiberg artist talk — DLA Speaker: Nov. 1, 6‑7 via Zoom – View/Register Here
  • Gallery Hop/Closing Reception: Nov. 18, 5‑8 p.m. in Morlan Gallery
    • Curator Talk by Professor Emily Goodman 6‑7 p.m.

MASCS: Masculinity Reimagined

Jan. 9‑27

Curated by Josh Porter ’19

MASCS: Masculinity Reimagined explores how performances of contemporary masculinities can counteract traditional, binary understandings of gender. Justin Korver, John Paul Morabito, Betsy Odom, Moises Salazar, and Darryl DeAngelo Terrell expose the ways that we culturally define masculinity and how that relates to gender performativity. These artists not only critique cisgender, heteronormative binary understandings of masculinity, but also embrace the performative nature of gender and celebrate non-normative, alternative, and queer masculinities. By encompassing a range of gender and sexual identifications, these artists share their own personal experiences, interpretations, performances, rejections, and embodiments of masculinity. Breaking down the barrier created between masculinity and femininity, they embrace feminist and queer approaches to reimagining our cultural understandings of gender.

The act of queering—or a way to challenge and break down assumptions of identity and power—is a key part of the exhibition. As queering undercuts cultural authority, this exhibition works to queer masculinity toward the dismantling of patriarchal expectations, while showcasing the expression of masculinity in queer, trans, non-binary, and even cis-het individuals. MASCS uses this framework to showcase iterations of masculinity that challenge social norms surrounding gender and celebrate rebellious masculinities. The artists in this exhibition break down traditional gender-based expectations and assert the rise of more fluid understandings of masculinity. This exhibition highlights contemporary reimaginings of masculinity and the vastness of possibility within performances of gender.

Exhibition Programming

  • Masculinity Reimagined: Artist Panel Discussion sponsored by Creative Intelligence with artists Justin Korver and John Paul Morabito, and Josh Porter ‘19: Jan. 12, 6pm-7pm – Watch the recording here
  • Gallery Hop/Closing Reception: Jan. 20, 5-8pm in Morlan Gallery
    • Curator talk with Josh Porter ’19  6‑7 pm

Crucial Terrain: Ecological Flourishing, Environmental Justice and Regenerative Culture in the Face of the Climate Crisis

Feb. 13‑Mar. 10

The Crucial Terrain exhibition features new sculptural and digital works by Zoé Strecker as part of her two‑year Bingham‑Young Professorship project “Crucial Terrain: Ecological Flourishing, Environmental Justice and Regenerative Culture in the Face of the Climate Crisis.”

Exhibition Programming

  • Artist’s Talk by Zoé Strecker, March 8, 5:00pm Carrick Theater – followed by Closing Reception 6:00-8:00pm Morlan Gallery

Constructing Imagination: a Collection of Perspectives

Apr. 4‑17

Every Transy graduating senior artist in this exhibition arrives with different backgrounds, majors, and preferred mediums. Combined with the chaotic few years that have made up their college career, each artist reflects their experience of a different and unique perspective on life and art.

Exhibiting Artists:

Emily Millard, Anna Davis, Katie Mikovch, Eph Page, Ally Fredrick, Alma Valdez, Joey Yong, Annahelen Croce, Leigh Kostenbader, Carter Murphy, Tammy Ray

Exhibition Programming – 

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 6 from 5-7pm

2023 Juried Student Art Show

May 4‑19

Annual Juried exhibition of student artwork. Transylvania of all majors showcase their artistic talent by contributing works in a wide variety of media for this inventive exploration of creativity. 

Exhibition Programming

  • Exhibition Reception / Awards Announced: May 11, 5-7 p.m.
    awards announced at 6 p.m.
  • Closing Reception/Gallery HOP: May 19, 5-8 p.m.

2022 Juried Student Art Show

March 21 – April 1, 2022

Transy students, pioneering artists of all academic majors, contribute to artwork created in the past year in a wide variety of media. 

Exhibition Programming 

Exhibition Reception / Awards Announced: Thursday, Mar 31, 5 – 7 p.m. in Morlan Gallery

Reflection, Refraction, Reaction

An individual and collaborative exhibition with artists Courtney Kessel, Cayla Skillin-Brauchle, and Danielle Wyckoff

The artists in this exhibition find common threads through feminist frameworks: their works and practices, both individual and collaborative, prioritize communication, collaboration, and care although each may manifest in wildly different ways. Whether through a respect for the distinct properties of materials as shown in sculptural and installation work, to the use of dialogue and interaction in performative work, to works on paper developed in meditative moments, to gazes and spaces documented photographically, and to zines crowdsourced to tell a fuller story and to initiate political change, the artists offer exhibition participants moments of consideration and conversation, moments of directional shifts, and moments of mutual action to create something new: reflection, refraction, reaction.

Exhibition Programming

Panel Discussion with artists and Emily Goodman: Thursday, Oct 28, 6-7 pm


Catherine Chauvin, Louise Fisher, Anthony Mead, Rowe Moser, Emily Ritter, Marilee Salvator, Zoe Strecker, Lizzy Taber, and Mariel Versluis

What is yet to come? Our home is in a major state of change. The massive expansion of industrialized human activity across the planet has altered our habitat. We are actively encountering the outcomes of resource extraction, habitat disruption, and mass pollution.

It can feel overwhelming and debilitating but this is not the end of the story. This story has both innumerable potential outcomes and points of departure for each of us. Wherever we start or conclude the actions, or inactions, we take today will guide the inevitable change to come. The artist’s works in the Eco:flux exhibition focus on the ecology and change that is part of our lives. Some artists highlight specific issues that are in immediate need of attention. Others layout future potentialities that exist on the cusp between science fact and science fiction. This is all done with the recognition that we are not isolated entities. We, as humans, are bound to the ecosystems of our shared habitat. Any fluctuations will ripple out infinitely to remind us that  “In this world, a species can only thrive when everything else’s around it thrives too” — David Attenborough

Exhibition Programming

  • Crucial Terrain – Artist Talk: Elise Rasmussen: Online via zoom -Wednesday, Jan 19, 7 p.m. (Presented by Zoé Strecker – Bingham -Young Professorship 2021- 2023)
  • Artist Talk: Marilee Salvator – Online viz zoom – Thursday Feb 17, 6-7p.m.


Annica Leah Cuppetelli & Cristobal Mendoza, Hannah Claus, Lisa Walcott, Frank Geiser, ​​Chad Eby

Subtlety allows us the space and time to contemplate. It’s a sensation and mental space that allows for reflection caused by its relation with quiet – visually, auditorily, experientially. At the same time, subtlety is a paradox. As soon as one slows down, becomes still and a contemplative state is achieved, we become instantly aware of the enormous complexity involved in the stimuli we are taking in. That previous quiet experience is suddenly amplified as we learn that through the action of investigation, we are expanding in a dimension that was previously hidden to us. 

The artwork curated into the Subtle exhibition is intended to give you a space for that contemplation and reflection to begin. You are encouraged to relax, let the artwork and your mind take you on a journey. 

Exhibition Programming

Exhibition Programming

  • Lisa Walcott artist talk: Online via Zoom – Thursday, September 16 – 6:00pm – Watch the recorded talk here
  • Studio 300 Digital Art and Music Festival – 10/6 – 10/7
  • Cuppetelli & Mendoza artist talk: Studio 300 Partnership: Online via Zoom – October 7 – 6:00pm – Watch the recorded talk here
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