Service Learning in the Philippines
Travel Dates: April 29 - May 22
Instructors: Alan Bartley, George Kaufman
Number of Students Enrolled: 15
Location: Philippines

Course Goals:

  • To further leadership skills by allowing students to experience the role of "servant-leader;"
  • To encourage students to examine the role of service to others in the global community;
  • To increase student awareness of the needs of individuals in underserved communities;
  • To help students develop the ability to live in a diverse group, and without familiar comforts, in order to learn the cooperation and compromise that team building requires;
  • To promote in students, via cultural exchange, an investigation of what it means to be a global citizen in a modern world with complex challenges;
  • To help students acquire knowledge and understanding of Philippine culture through both preliminary research and discussion with community members of the service site.
  • To provide an experiential framework through which students are encouraged to reflect on their personal values, motivations, and commitments as well as broader issues such as distributive justice.
  • To work in partnership with members of a community in need toward sustainable, holistic improvements that reflect the values of the community served.

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