Meet Our Tutors

Aaron Bell

I tutor because I enjoy seeing my peers relax and have satisfaction knowing they can succeed in their classes.

Brannon Lawson

I tutor because I enjoy helping people and have a passion for helping others learn and succeed, especially in an area that I am passionate about, such as Spanish.

Erin Biddle

I tutor because I want to see my fellow Pios succeed!

Ava Hutt

I tutor because I get to help other students while honing my own skills.

Cameron Stanley

I tutor because I want to help & guide others through their academic challenges.

Colby Grant

  • Biology & Chemistry Tutor
    Biology (Ecology, Evolution and Behavioral Science) Major
    Class of ’22

I tutor because I love to collaborate with and assist my peers in a manner that facilitates academic growth for everyone involved. I’ve always held a passion for learning and education, and by tutoring I hope to not only help my fellow students and hone my own knowledge, but hopefully to pass some of my excitement to my fellow students pursuing STEM majors in particular.

Bobby Payne

I tutor because I love learning with my tutees!

Dylan Ruddy

I tutor because I love my major and I want to others to feel comfortable with the subject.

Ethan York

I tutor because I love helping others learn the topics I’m passionate about

Connor Hood

I tutor because I enjoy helping people.

Jillian Shaw

I tutor because I want to share the excitement and fun I get from learning languages with other Transy students, and to help make the language learning process more enjoyable and interactive.

Maddie Kellione

I tutor because I want to help others achieve the success they are capable of.

Evan Wilt

I tutor because I want to inspire every student to enjoy learning as much as I do.

Jennah Ruebens

I tutor to get to know more people on campus and show that math just gets a bad rap and is actually really fun.

Justin Hudnall

I tutor because I like to equip students with the ability to excel in their classes.

Kanika Chopra

I tutor because I want to help my peers feel confident in their ability to be successful in their classes. I know that Chemistry is known as a challenging subject, but I hope to help others realize that this does not have to be the case!

Karrington Jackson

I tutor because I want to help people, it’s the same reason I want to go into healthcare. Especially with underclassmen the transition to college can be extremely hard and depending on what high school they went to it can be completely different and a higher level. I feel like helping students on their academic journey is so important because when you are doing good academically, it is so much easier to strive socially and that is really what college is all about. Even if I only help one person that is still success in my eyes.

Kelli Harpe

I tutor because I love being there for peoples ‘Aha’ moments where all the pieces click into place. I really enjoying finding different ways to explain things to help people better understand the subject I love so much. 

Mallory Johnson

I tutor because I love chemistry and teaching. I wanted to give back to the Transy community after it has helped me so much during my 4 years here.

Nick Tan

I tutor because I love helping others!

Shania Jones

  • Spanish Tutor
    Biology (Molecular and Cellular track) and Spanish Major
    Class of ’22

I tutor because It’s a rewarding experience that has positive consequences

Megan Heeb

I tutor because it is an honor to offer academic support to my peers in a welcoming and comfortable environment while actively developing my own understanding of the material.

Megan Mattingly

I tutor because I love working with other students and being able to help guide them to success!

Nyah Mattison

I tutor because I strive to be able to help other people love computer science the same way I do!

Meredith Campbell

I tutor because it gives me an opportunity to help my classmates and peers with their academic success. 

Olivia Greinke

I tutor because I want to help people be able to learn on their own and do they best academically that they can do!

Valerie Roberts

I tutor because I’m a strong believer in the power of peer support, and as a first generation student, have heavily relied on that support from Transy. Sharing that support with my peers to help develop confidence and independence, while discussing matters we’re passionate about, just gives me a lot of joy.

Miranda McCormick

I tutor because I love helping others! I know some classes at Transy can be difficult and have utilized the Transy Tutoring Center throughout my college experience for this reason. I want to be able to help my peers understand the material and excel in their classes like past tutors have helped me!

Saif Ahmed

I tutor because I want to help my peers reach their goals.

Sammy Clore

I tutor because I truly believe that there is no greater feeling than being able to utilize my knowledge of, and passion for, chemistry in ways that help my peers become more self-confident in their abilities to succeed in their respective chemistry courses. It is always awesome to witness my peers’ progress throughout tutoring sessions, and being able to take part in that is a great experience for me.

Ruben Joseph

I tutor because I like seeing peers discover the same profound passion for Spanish that I discovered years ago.

Sam Showalter

I tutor because I want to be a resource for my peers who feel like giving up

Taylor Kielman

I tutor because helping someone gain an understanding of a subject brings them one step closer to actually enjoying the learning process.

Tammy Ray

  • Music Theory tutor
    Music Technology Major
    Class of ’23

I tutor because I want to help people find confidence where they may not have thought it possible.

Tatianna Verswyvel

I tutor because I wish to help my peers understand and appreciate Spanish language and culture.

Luke Schroeder

  • Physics tutor 
    Physics and engineering major 
    Class or 2023 

I tutor because I enjoy physics and would like to help other enjoy it too 

Steven Dabney

I tutor because I want to equip students with the tools I have found to be necessary for achieving your academic goals.

Vianne Koshoffer

I tutor because I want to develop leadership skills and help fellow students succeed.