Transy Tutoring

Transy Tutoring is here to help! We offer free peer tutoring to all Transy students in a variety of subjects. Our tutors have taken these classes and most likely went through the same struggles as you. We strive to create a comfortable environment where students are free to ask any question in group or individual tutoring sessions. Whether you have questions or are looking for a community of learners to join, we are here for you!

Online and In-person Tutoring will be offered Sunday, January 23rd through Thursday, April 14th.

For Spring Break, we will be closed Saturday, March 12th. We will re-open on Sunday, March 20th at 7pm.

Drop-in Tutoring is offered Sunday-Thursday from 7-9. Tutoring Appointments are offered throughout the week.

NEW! Drop-in Tutoring in BSC for Chemistry! Look for a Transy Tutor in the Chem Hallway at the times listed below:

Monday 9:30-12:20 ; 2:20-3:30
Tuesday: 12:30-2:30
Wednesday: 9:30-10:20; 2:20-3:30
Thursday: 12:30-2:20

Email with any questions!

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