Academic Outreach Programs

provided by the Transylvania University Learning Skills Program

Academic success seminars and learning skills workshops are available to the Transylvania University community. We can meet with your group in person or via ZOOM! To schedule something for your group, please contact Carol Eades.


  • Increase learning efficiency and learning effectiveness
  • Become more active and “response-able” learners
  • Improve study techniques, learning skills, and academic success

Learning Skills Workshops

Maximize Your Memory!Learn ways to help you transfer information into your long-term memory, and retain and retrieve information.
Supercharge Your Concentration!You can increase your concentration power!  We’ll examine the impacts of where, when, and how to study for maximum concentration.
Manage Academic Stress and Test Anxiety!Discover ways to manage academic stress, boost your academic confidence, and feel more positive on exam day.
Strengthen Your Test-taking Abilities!Multiple choice, short response, essay items, true-false, and fill-in-the blank test items are considered to help you be better prepared for your next exam.  
Improve Reading and Note-taking Strategies!Learn techniques and methods to help you stay on top of course readings and note-taking in and out of the classroom in a more efficient and effective manner.
Take Charge of Time Management and Organization!Do you have difficulties with turning in work on time, cramming for exams the night before, procrastinating, grappling with getting and then staying organized?  We’ve got tips and techniques to help you master time management and organization.