Testing Center Policies

Student Information 

  • Students should make a reservation by emailing testingcenter@transy.edu at least three (3) business days in advance of any exam that is not a final exam (exceptions can sometimes be made for extenuating circumstances). During each term, information on how students should make a reservation with regard to any final exams is communicated via email. 
  • The Testing Center Coordinator and/or designee will work to schedule all exams at or around the same time as the scheduled class / scheduled final exam time. The availability of the Testing Center, length of extended time, and students class schedule will all be taken into consideration when scheduling exams. Some exams may need to be scheduled at a time that is different from the scheduled class exam time.
  • Students will be sent a Google Calendar invitation with the exam day and time securing their reservation in the Testing Center. Students should accept this invitation to secure their reservation. 
  • Students are expected to arrive at least five (5) minutes prior to any scheduled exam. If a student is going to be late, they should notify the Testing Center as soon as possible. The Testing Center Coordinator and/or designee has the right to cancel any reservations when a student is late.
  • Personal items such as backpacks and cell phones will be secured in a locked cabinet while a student is taking an exam. 
  • Students will be monitored in the Testing Center via closed circuit camera. The Testing Center Coordinator and/or designee reserves the right to end an exam and collect accompanying exam materials if academic dishonesty is suspected. Faculty and the Academic Disability Services and Title IX Coordinator will be notified via email by the Coordinator if this occurs. 

Faculty Information 

  • Faculty will be emailed by the Testing Center Coordinator and/or designee with the date and time of the scheduled exam. Faculty may email the Coordinator and/or designee at least one hour prior with any specific instructions, any accompanying materials, and/or the exam if it is not a final exam. Faculty may also choose to deliver accompanying materials and the exam if it is not a final exam to the Coordinator and/or designee. Faculty must deliver accompanying materials and the exam if it is a final exam.
  • Faculty should retrieve any exam materials in the Testing Center within twenty-four (24) hours of the completion of the exam if it is not a final exam. Exams and any involved paper materials that are not retrieved within the given time period will be scanned, sent to faculty via email, and appropriately shredded. On each day of final exam testing in the Testing Center, any final exams will be delivered to faculty work mailboxes after all testing in the Testing Center is finished.