Why I Mask

I wear a mask to protect those around me. I would hate to be an asymptomatic carrier of the virus and infect someone else.

Tracy Dunn
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
“I wear one not only to protect myself, but to protect my friends and family. Although students may be more likely to bounce back quickly from this,
the people they come into contact with may not be so fortunate, making it that much more important to wear a mask.”
Jacob Miller ’21

Wearing a mask is a collective action that we take to keep each other safe and to protect not only ourselves, but our families, neighbors and colleagues. When I see members of my community in their masks, I know that they care about all of us, and I want to do my part to help us make it through this pandemic together.

Emily Goodman
Assistant Professor of Art History, Co-director of the Digital Liberal Arts Initiative

I wear a mask to not only to protect others, but to protect myself so that I do not bring COVID to my family.

Lindsey Steffen

Class of 2022

I wear a mask to show people I come into contact with that their health matters to me, and because my own temporary discomfort is not the most important thing in the grand scheme of a global pandemic.

Emily Miller
Director of Spirituality and Religious Life

It is the easiest way to show the Transy community and visitors that I care about THEM!!

Janice Rajcan

Campus Visits Coordinator