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Get updates on Healthy at Transy, our COVID-19 action plan.

Campus Visit Experience

With our new COVID-19 protocol, we want to provide you and your guests with instructions as you arrive and what you can expect with the new visit experience.  Please read in its entirety.

Before You Arrive

  • We recommend arriving a minimum of 10 minutes in advance of your designated arrival time.
  • If you have a comfortable, personal face mask, we welcome you to bring it to use on your visit. If you do not have a face mask available, we are happy to provide you one upon your arrival. Transylvania face masks are adult size, so it is recommended that you bring your own for any child unable to wear an adult size attending the visit. As a reminder, face masks are required campus-wide for all individuals for the full duration of the visit from the point of arrival to the point of departure.
  • It is recommended you check the weather forecast in Lexington in advance of your visit. You may need to bring items such as a raincoat or umbrella. We are unable to hand out umbrellas during the visit at this time.
  • As part of your registration, you agreed to a symptom assessment in the 48-hours prior to arrival. We will ask COVID-19-related questions of you and your guests upon arrival. Please monitor yourself and your guests for any COVID-19-related symptoms as you will be asked to verify them when you arrive. Any individual displaying these symptoms will not be allowed to attend the visit. Please contact us immediately if you display any symptoms and need to cancel/reschedule.

When You Arrive

  • Unless otherwise noted in your schedule sent via email, admissions visits begin in the Glenn Welcome Center.
  • Visitor parking is available in Old Morrison Circle, located on our campus map: Designated admissions visitor parking spaces are available in the horseshoe-shaped Old Morrison parking circle in front of the Glenn Welcome Center, which is designated with large, red Welcome Center banners. Click here for Google Map directions. This will map you to 209 W. Third Street, which is the entrance to the parking circle. 
  • Do not leave your vehicle. When you arrive and park in a designated visitor parking spot, call (859) 233-8242, the Office of Admissions. We will ask you a few questions and then instruct you on where to meet to begin your visit. The Glenn Welcome Center restrooms are open and available for your use once we invite you to join us outside the vehicle.

Visit Expectations

Upon registration, you and your guests signed a waiver indicating your understanding of our on-campus policies. This includes the following expectations:

  • Wearing a face mask on campus for the duration of the visit
  • Maintaining 6 feet physical distancing 
  • Maintaining proper hand hygiene with provided hand sanitizers and hand washing
  • Assessing visitor symptoms of COVID-19 prior to arrival

To continue to protect you and your guests throughout the experience, all Transylvania tour guides and admissions staff will be using protective face shields or masks, maintaining 6 feet physical distancing and will be checked daily for COVID-19-related symptoms. The admissions lobby will be closed during this time, however restrooms will be open and available for your use once the visit experience begins.

Each visit experience will include a 90-minute walking tour of campus, including both the academic and residential sides of campus, in addition to a 30-minute session with an admissions counselor. Any additional options to which you have opted in will be noted in your itinerary.

One-on-one sessions with admissions counselors will be held virtually in our Office of Admissions conference room, which will be sanitized according to cleaning guidelines between each visiting family.

As a reminder, only guests that you provided during campus visit registration will be allowed on the visit experience. Any guests that arrive with you who are not listed on registration will not be allowed to attend. 

If you need to reschedule your visit or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions visit team by email or by phone at (859) 233-8242.