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Get updates on Healthy at Transy, our campus reopening plan.


In order to mitigate community spread, Transylvania has established COVID-19-specific protocols for visitors, vendors, guests and contractors who spend time on campus.

Healthy at Transy

Personal protective equipment will be used across campus, with face masks required in all common areas, including classrooms. Visitors to campus must use masks in accordance with the university’s policy. 

Campus Facilities

In accordance with state Healthy At Work guidelines and CDC recommendations, Transylvania will implement the following COVID-19 sanitation protocols:

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be used across campus, with face masks required in all common areas, including classrooms. (See below)
  • Visitors may be asked to complete an Assumption of Risk Waiver upon arrival on campus. Additional information will be provided if this is implemented. 
  • Campus buildings will limit entry and exit areas and implement one-way stairways to assist in housekeeping and physicall distancing. 
  • Most public gathering areas will be closed, or furniture will be limited and distanced.
  • Multiple hand sanitizer stands will be available in all facilities.
  • Enhanced and expanded cleaning protocols will be implemented both on a regular basis.

Masks on campus

As of May 11, Kentucky requires mask use in public. Recent CDC guidelines recommend that wearing a face mask/covering in public helps protect you and those around you. Unless wearing a mask creates a serious health hazard, all students, employees, contractors and visitors to campus are required to wear a mask on campus.  The CDC has additional information available on how to wear and wash your cloth mask.

  • Cover your nose and mouth indoors or outdoors any time that you expect to be within 6 feet or in direct contact with another person. 
  • Please remember that masks are a protection for both the other person and yourself. The person with whom you have contact may be struggling with significant health issues that you are not aware of. 

Below are examples of situations when a mask is recommended and when a mask is not required. This list is not exhaustive of all situations. 

Masks are required:

  • When in an indoor space with more than one person
  • When you can’t maintain 6 feet of distance outdoors
  • In a vehicle with two or more people
  • In a golf cart with two or more people

Masks are not required:

  • When in an enclosed indoor space alone (such as an office)
  • When outside and more than 6 feet apart
  • Walking outside on campus alone

Campus Tours

Daily on-campus admissions visits resumed on July 13. The campus visit will consist of a 90-minute walking tour of both the academic and residential sides of campus with a student ambassador, as well as a 30-minute virtual admissions session with a counselor. Optional additional virtual meetings with coaches/offices may be added, based on availability.  

We will begin with one tour time a day, limited to one family, and will increase visits and flexibility over time. 

Students and families will be expected to adhere to Transylvania guidelines during the visit experience to protect themselves and others. Some of these expectations will include:

  • Required wearing of a mask for the duration of the visit
  • A symptom assessment of visitors prior to arrival
  • Adherence to 6 feet physical distancing
  • Maintaining proper hygiene by washing hands or using hand sanitizer provided on campus and refraining from touching surfaces while in academic and residential buildings

The Admissions lobby will be closed during this time, however guidance for arrival and the tour experience will be provided via email and text upon registration. Restrooms will be available in the Glenn Welcome Center.