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Scholarship Resources

Find Scholarship Info Online

One of the best places to look for scholarships is close to home. Check with your school counselor and keep your eyes and ears open for organizations in your community that might offer scholarship opportunities.  Churches, credit unions, your parents’ employers, athletic booster clubs, and others can be great resources in your search for scholarships.


The following sources are available on the Internet. (Note: some sites will “rent” a student’s name and email address to other services. Be sure to indicate on the sign up pages if you do not want to be placed on these lists.)

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FastWeb (Financial Aid Search through the Web)

This website is the largest and most complete source of private sector scholarships available. It provides useful information about how to apply for these specialized scholarships.

FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page

This is a comprehensive financial aid information website with links to many useful sites. It provides information about loans, special interest scholarships, and fraud prevention.

College Board’s Scholarship

This is one of the oldest college scholarship search databases. This organization also sponsors the SAT and AP exams.

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority

Provides answers to frequently asked financial aid questions for students attending college in Kentucky. Information regarding the KEES scholarship can be found here.


This is another website that provides a very comprehensive scholarship search. There is also an online community for students.  

FAFSA website

This is the website used to file the FAFSA online.

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