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Fine Arts Scholarships

Fine Arts Scholarship Program

Transylvania University is a destination for the arts.

Nestled in the heart of a vibrant cultural center, Transylvania offers countless opportunities to participate in the arts and learn in a liberal arts environment. Whether you plan to major in a fine arts field or nurture artistic passion as a side interest, we invite you to leave your mark on Transylvania’s long and rich artistic tradition.

Fine Arts Departmental Scholarships

Incoming first-year students may compete for scholarships in the fine arts with awards ranging from $1,000-$3,000 annually.  These scholarships may be combined with other academic scholarships. Applicants must have applied and have been admitted to the university for the 2022-2023 school year before being considered for fine arts scholarships.

You may compete for more than one Fine Arts Scholarship. If awarded more than one, you will be able to choose which one to receive.

Deadline to apply: January 7, 2022

Auditions/Interviews will take place in-person on January 28 and 29, 2022, with virtual options for students who are unable to make it to campus.

Please contact Carly Wynn, Fine Arts Scholarship Coordinator, with any questions.

Creative Writing Scholarships — These scholarships are awarded to majors and minors in Creative Writing; English; or Writing, Rhetoric, and Communications.

Recipients also must serve on the staff of The Transylvanian, the campus literary magazine, for four semesters during your time at Transylvania

  • Submitted works can be in the form of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, screenwriting, or playwriting. Submit a maximum of 5 pages of poetry or a maximum of 10 pages of prose writing to Carly Wynn at

Music Scholarships — Recipients of these scholarships, which are awarded to non majors, majors and minors, will be expected to participate in their assigned ensemble for each semester the scholarship is maintained — up to eight semesters — and enroll in four semesters of free private lessons.

  • Instrumental Music: You will be expected to submit a video recording of you performing 4 to 7 minutes of music, preferably on two pieces of contrasting style. Your recording may include an accompaniment if you have access to one. 
  • Music Technology/Composing: You will be expected to submit a portfolio of works you have created.
  • Choral/Vocal Music: You will be expected to submit a video recording of you performing two pieces of contrasting style. Your recording may include an accompaniment if you have access to one.

Studio Art and Art History Scholarships — These scholarships are awarded only to majors and minors.

  • Studio Art: Studio art students must submit a portfolio with no more than 10 selections by the application deadline. 
  • Art History: Art history students must submit a one-page essay on why they wish to study art history at Transylvania.

Theater Scholarships — Awarded to non-majors, majors and minors, these scholarships are open to students who intend to continue their passion for theater throughout their university experience. 

All theater scholarship recipients will enroll in the Technical Theater course (THEA 1314) in their first semester in order to prepare them for their work within the theater. They are required to enroll in Theater Practicum (THEA 1001 – a 1/4 course credit) 2 terms each school year (Fall, Winter, or May) throughout their four years at Transy. Theater Practicum assignments include: acting, directing, designing or assistant designing (costumes, sets, lights, sound, video-projection, hair & make-up), stage management, build crew, painting, run crew, electric work, board operator (sound, lights, projections), props master, and box office. All scholarship students must be an active member of the Theater Guild Student Organization.

  • Theater Performance: 
    • You will be expected to submit a headshot (or recent photograph) and a theater resume. The image and resume should be saved as one completed PDF with the headshot and photograph on the first page and resume on the second page. Please see the resume template.
    • You will be expected to submit a video performance of a maximum two-minute, memorized monologue (classic or contemporary).
    • In addition to above listed requirements, performance track students are expected to audition for main-stage productions to maintain their scholarship.
  • Technical Theater:
    • You will be expected to submit a theater resume. Please see the resume template.
    • Provide a design portfolio and resume (PDF or online) to be reviewed by theater faculty at the interview. Design portfolios can include photos of productions that the student has provided technical support for with a description of the student’s responsibilities for the production.
    • In addition to above listed requirements, technical track students are expected to take leadership roles in their interested field for main-stage productions to maintain their scholarship.

Please contact Carly Wynn (Fine Arts Scholarship Coordinator), Maurice Manning (creative writing) Ben Hawkins (instrumental music), Tim Polashek (music tech), Regan MacNay (vocal/choral music), Zoé Strecker (studio art and art history) or Tosha Fowler (theater) for additional details concerning auditions, portfolios or interviews for fine arts scholarships.