Pell Guarantee

The Pell Guarantee ensures that full tuition and fees will be covered for Pell Grant‑eligible students through a combination of institutional, federal and state grants/scholarships. This significantly reduces college costs for students and their families by covering the cost of tuition, leaving students responsible for housing, food and indirect cost. Families may be able to utilize other resources, such as student and parent loans, earnings and outside/private scholarships to pay these remaining costs.

Students who meet these criteria will automatically be considered for eligibility upon application. Please note that students who do not submit a FAFSA will not be eligible for this guarantee. You must submit a FAFSA prior to the established deadline for state grants each year and meet other criteria as established by the university, including Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, to remain eligible.

Federal Student Aid

The Pell Grant is the largest federal grant program offered to undergraduates and is designed to assist students from low‑income households. Go to for details

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Filing the FAFSA each year is essential to receive federal and state aid funds (loans, grants and work‑study), as well as need based‑aid directly from Transylvania.

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The idea of financial aid is pretty simple — it’s any money that helps you pay for college. In addition to scholarships, you may be eligible for other financial assistance including grants, loans or campus employment. Get the details on the basics of financial aid.