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Transylvania offers many scholarships for designated groups of students. To apply for these scholarships, students must submit their application for admission by February 1 for enrollment beginning the following fall.

Contact your admissions counselor for more information on any of these scholarships.

Pell Guarantee

The Pell Guarantee (formerly 1780 Guarantee) assures that full tuition and fees will be covered through a combination of institutional, federal, and state grants/scholarships for recent high school or homeschool graduates in Kentucky who are Pell Grant eligible.

Students must submit the FAFSA, have a minimum 3.3 weighted GPA and apply for admission by February 1. Students will be automatically considered for eligibility upon application.

Appalachian Regional Healthcare Scholarship

Transylvania has partnered with Appalachian Regional Healthcare to give students from Appalachia the opportunity to earn scholarship money to Transy and return home to work for ARH in one of many career fields. Eligible academic programs include pre-health, pre-medical, pre-pharmacy, physical therapy, computer science, accounting, business management and social services. 

Students selected for the scholarship program may receive up to $15,000 over four years — in addition to other merit and need-based aid — and will have access to experiential learning opportunities during their undergraduate studies in the form of summer work, mentorships and internships with ARH. Apply for admission to Transy by Dec. 1 for this scholarship consideration.

Visit our ARH Partnership web page for details on how to apply.

Program-Related Scholarships 

These scholarships provide students with a minimum guaranteed scholarship based on their academic involvement with these programs. These awards cannot be combined with other merit-based scholarships but provide a baseline for academic awarding. If a student qualifies for a higher merit-based scholarship, the higher amount will be awarded.

Participants in the Governor’s Scholars, Governor’s School for the Arts and Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs programs receive a guaranteed minimum award of $25,000 per year. 

  • Kentucky Governor’s Scholars
  • Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts
  • Kentucky Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs

IB Scholarship

International Baccalaureate Programme participants can receive scholarships ranging from $10,000/year (diploma courses) to $18,000/year (full diploma candidates).

We know the kind of research you’re doing in your IB studies. You’re making connections across disciplines and gaining a greater perspective on complex global issues.

These are skills that Transylvania is known for fostering in our students, so you’re going to come into your first year uniquely prepared to excel in our liberal arts curriculum. Whether you are interested in business or exercise science, biology or philosophy—the experience you’ve gained in IB will give you a leg up.

The conversations you started in IB can be continued at Transylvania. We speak the same language and hold the same values. Let us help you apply your IB training to one of our 48 majors and reward you for your hard work.

IB Scholars are Guaranteed

  • Scholarships ranging from $10,000/year (Diploma Courses) to $18,000/year (Full Diploma candidates)
  • College credit for HL exam scores of 5, 6 or 7
  • College credit for IB SL exam scores of 6 or 7
  • An extra unit of credit for 30 points or higher on the Diploma
  • Early entry into the 100 Doors to Success mentor program. Students will be paired with an experienced mentor who will help guide them through their four years of college and into the workforce.
  • Internship opportunities for academic credit
  • Special admission application that allows you to submit a piece of IB work instead of an essay for admission

Recently awarded credits in the IB program

ROTC Scholarships

Army ROTC scholarships offer tuition and fees for up to $18,000, a $600 textbook allowance and a $250 tax-free monthly stipend during the academic year for each year the student is a recipient. In addition, Transylvania will provide to each three- and four-year recipient at least the value of room and board. (This may be a combination of scholarships and grants.) Recipients must enroll in Army ROTC courses, which are taught in partnership with the University of Kentucky on its campus. Upon graduation, recipients receive a commission as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army. For more information, contact the Army ROTC office at (859) 257-6865 or visit UK ROTC website.

Air Force ROTC scholarships, through a partnership with the University of Kentucky, offer two- to four-year college scholarships in all majors. All Air Force scholarships are capped at various amounts: Type 1 has no cap, Type 2 is capped at $15,000, and Type 7 is capped at $9,000. Recipients receive a $900 textbook allowance and a $300-500 tax-free monthly stipend during the academic year. In addition, Transylvania will provide to each three- and four-year recipient at least the value of room and board. (This may be a combination of scholarships and grants.) Upon graduation, recipients receive a commission as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. For more information contact the Air Force ROTC office at (859) 257-7115 or visit UK Air Force ROTC website.

Tuition Exchange Scholarships

Only family members of employees of the colleges and universities that belong to Tuition Exchange Inc. are eligible to apply for Tuition Exchange scholarships. Please visit Tuition Exchange’s website for more information.

Interest-Related Scholarships 

These scholarships are eligible to be combined with any merit-based scholarship. Students are awarded based on a variety of factors, such as leadership, diversity involvement, financial need, interest in non-NCAA athletics, religious affiliation, legacy status, etc. 

For more information on these scholarships, please contact the Office of Admissions at 859-233-8242.

Legacy Scholarship

Students admitted for fall 2021 or later who have a parent, step-parent, grandparent, step-grandparent, sibling or step-sibling that is considered a Transylvania alum will receive a renewable $2,000 scholarship ($8,000 over four years) that can be combined with other academic scholarships. Siblings of current Transylvania students are also eligible.


This scholarship of $1,000 per year is awarded to those who are recruited for the cheer program. Contact coach Tora Carter at for more information.


This scholarship of $1,000 per year is awarded to those who are recruited for the dance program. Contact coach Tora Carter at for more information.

Equestrian (Eventing)

This scholarship of $1,000 per year is awarded to those who are recruited for the equestrian (eventing) program. Contact coach Kelly Rhinelander at for more information.


This scholarship of $1,000 per year is awarded to those who are recruited for the esports program. Contact coach Dylan Osborne at for more information.

Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ) Scholarship

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and Transylvania have been partners in education since 1865. As a result of this historic relationship, Transylvania is pleased to provide scholarships for DOC members to attend Transylvania.

Admitted students who indicate a DOC affiliation on their application for admission and provide verification of membership in a DOC congregation will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship per year ($4,000 over four years). The DOC scholarship is renewable annually provided the student maintains satisfactory academic progress.

To confirm that your church is a member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), please use the Find a Congregation search tool on their website or talk to your pastor or board. Proof of membership is required in order to receive this scholarship. For more information, contact Emily Miller at

Youth Salute

Students who complete the Youth Salute program at Transylvania and are selected as a Youth Salute Scholar are eligible for an award of $1,000 per year. This is a competitive scholarship.

Austin E. Knowlton Memorial Scholarship

The Austin E. Knowlton Memorial Scholarship is awarded to students who are residents of Ohio planning to major in a STEM field. Interested Ohio students may contact the Transylvania financial aid office for more details. This is a competitive scholarship.

About Austin E. Knowlton

Austin E. “Dutch” Knowlton, 1909-2003, was the owner and chairman of the Knowlton Construction Company, an organization started in Bellefontaine, Ohio, in 1937 and whose predecessors date back to 1906. Through his company, he was responsible for over 600 significant construction projects throughout Ohio and the Midwest, including school buildings, hospitals, libraries and post offices.

Transylvania Endowment Grants

Transylvania offers grants that are based on merit and financial need. If applicants are interested in these grants they will be required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

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