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With the introduction of shared scooters to Lexington earlier this week, we are particularly concerned about our students’ safety, as well as the damage to campus that we are experiencing, including on sidewalks, to landscape and inside buildings.

These scooters have also been parked in a manner that blocks access to sidewalks and poses safety hazards to pedestrians.

By local law, these shared mobility vehicles are to be used only on roadways and in parking lots. While riding them, obey the same traffic rules you would follow on a bicycle. 

Scooters are not permitted for use on sidewalks in Lexington, and by extension on Transylvania’s campus. In light of the city’s dockless vehicle ordinances and state and federal laws, users are asked to refrain from riding these scooters on campus property — including sidewalks and pedestrian areas such as Carpenter Circle. If you must park a scooter anywhere on campus, walk it to a bike rack and leave it there. 

Please do not leave scooters or shared bicycles on a campus sidewalk where a pedestrian could trip over them or they could block access for others. 

Additionally, after electric scooters were introduced in Indianapolis last year, Interim President Williams observed a significant increase in facial trauma and head injuries coming to the hospital emergency departments, so helmet use is strongly advised. Hitting one pothole can throw the rider off a scooter.

Transylvania’s Department of Public Safety will begin enforcing city ordinances regarding the use of shared mobility vehicles on campus property. Additional review of use policies will be conducted as necessary. 

Get more information about electric scooter use, including safety tips. Ride safe, ride smart Transy.

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