May Term International Courses

Upcoming Travel Courses for 2020

Upcoming travel courses are potentially subject to change based on student interest.

 Local Village Global Vision: Sustainable Communities in Senegal

IDS 2294, FRN 2294, FRN 3504
Travel Dates: TBA
Course instructors: Dr. Brian Arganbright and Dr. Alan Bartley
Location: Senegal

An interdisciplinary, service-learning course in Senegal.  Service projects will occur in partnership with local communities in Senegal. Prior to departure, students will study Senegalese history, culture, and current events to develop a context for the service experience.  While on site, students will research various aspects of life in Senegal, and upon return to campus, will present a paper that draws on their reading, research, and project experiences.

 International Economics and Human Resources Management

BA 3214, ECON 3114
Travel Dates: May 8-May 17
Course instructors: Dr. Rod Erfani and Dr. Rebecca Hochradel
Location: Russia

This course will introduce students to international human resources management issues and international trade and finance issues, including international- staffing, human resource policies, and trade and finance through the lens of business management and the associated economic considerations. Given the global nature of the modern business environment, this course provides students an opportunity to experience this international component utilizing a first-hand comparison between the American and Russian business practices. The primary goals of the course are for the students to gain an understanding of how international business conditions, standards, regulations, and cultures affect businesses.

 Tropical Ecology in Belize

BIO 2144
Travel Dates: May 2- May 14
Course instructors: Dr. James Wagner and Dr. Belinda Sly
Location: Belize

This course will explore firsthand a variety of unique habitats found in the tropics such as rainforests, savannas, and coral reefs. The course also investigates the structure of tropical soils, nutrient cycling, tropical forest dynamics, topical species diversity, mutualizm, and habitat conservation. Lecture, laboratory, and travel. Prerequisite: BIO 1206. IV.