100 Doors Experiences

Praise from our mentees

My mentor has taught me so much and provided me so much valuable advice for my time at Transy. Going into a field where connections are so vital, it has been extremely meaningful for me to have such a wonderful mentor who is willing to guide me through this time. Getting to meet my mentor last year in DC, she was immediately an inspiration to me and I am really glad to have her!

Shelby Hamm ’25

mentored by Ashley Carter 14

Christen has been my biggest supporter throughout my future career plans! She’s always available to chat on the phone or answer any email questions I have. Truly an irreplaceable relationship that’s setting me up for success down the road.

Brooke Jacobs ’23
mentored by Christen Gatton-Stinnett ’96

Some mornings I look forward to going to Ashley’s office and talking to her before my classes start. It helps relax me and is a great way to start my day. Ashley is fun to talk to and she makes me feel heard.Ashley has helped me put into perspective what I want to do with my future, and the steps I need to take to get there. I can approach her with any problems that I have, and I always look forward to our meetings.

Alaysia Godfrey ‘24
mentored by Ashley Coons King ’09

My mentor Chelsea has been an amazing relationship for me to have. She is someone I know I can go to for advice, and we are super-similar people. She has significantly helped me navigate my first year at Transy. Appreciate you, Chelsea!

Jenna Welch ’25
mentored by Chelsea Crosier ’15

As a freshman in college, it can be tough balancing thoughts about the future while staying present in everyday college life. This is why my mentor, Rachel Wilson, who works in the U.S. embassy in Colombia, is almost like a lifeline. In conversations, she has given me invaluable advice on international careers as well as helped me explore potential future international careers. Thank you, Ms. Wilson!

Alex Adams ’25
mentored by Rachel Wilson ’07

My mentor Dave Johnson has had my back since we were first introduced and is helping navigate the possibilities for life after undergrad. He is a constant in one of the busiest and most stressful times in my life, and he has done a great job mentoring me. He has gotten me in contact with people in the field I am considering pursuing which has allowed me to ask questions that help me in my decision-making. Alongside that, I have started to build a crucial professional network here in Lexington, which is something I will be forever grateful for. The CAPE office does a wonderful job pairing you with a mentor and I am extremely grateful for not only their efforts, but all of the alumni involved in the program!

Harrison Carlson‑Bratton ’24

mentored by Dave Johnson ’92

This mentor program has one of the best experiences and opportunities that I have had at Transy. I wanted to thank her for always being so kind, welcoming and understanding with me. Aja is someone that I feel I can talk to anytime, and has been so motivational and supportive through this process. She has guided me on what I need to do after college to start a career. She has given me a lot of tips on what she did and I believe they will help me later on. Thank you so much for everything you have done, and thank you for being a great mentor.

Marissa Rajcan ’24
mentored by Aja Price ’11

I really appreciate my mentor, Martha. She’s been so kind and encouraging to me as I begin my years at Transy. It’s been awesome to talk to someone who is passionate about the same subject areas and who has insight to exactly what I’m going through in school. I’m excited to get to do more with her in the future.

Maddy Morgan ’25
mentored by Martha Billips ’78

Even though I haven’t had the pleasure to meet with my mentor Dr. Pam in person yet, I have thoroughly enjoyed our Zoom meetings. She taught me that the journey isn’t easy to achieve my goals but once I do, it will all be worth it. I appreciate my mentor for having me as a mentee and answering all those weird and not very interesting questions that I ask.

Kopila Rai ’24
mentored by Pam Biddle ’91

I appreciate my mentor, Dustin Meek, because she has encouraged me and given me the confidence to pursue my dreams. Having a mentor as successful, kind, and driven as Dustin is incredibly inspiring and I am grateful to have her as my mentor.

Langley Sebastian ’24

mentored by Dustin Meek ’88

My mentor is Brittney Lauder. I love her very much. She is smart, funny, caring and sincere. My favorite thing about her is that she ensures me that the possibilities of success are endless in any field.

Charlotte Green ’25
mentored by Brittney Lauder ’14

My mentor is Gabby Oldendick, and I have loved getting to know her over the past semester. It is nice to have someone to chat with and get advice from who has gone to Transy and pursued a career that I’m interested in. She has helped me outline some of the steps I need to take to reach my goals, and I always look forward to talking to her. Thank you Gabby!!

Prerna Maggan ’25
mentored by Gabby Oldendick ’20

“Mrs. Shufflebarger helped me feel better equipped for my first semester of college by offering advice and stories from her time at Transy. She was kind enough to meet with me despite her extremely busy schedule and showed genuine interest in my life. It is reassuring to know a Transy alum has my back.”

Samuel Schultz ’26
mentored by Carrie Shufflebarger ’96

I would love to include how incredible my mentor is and how much they have helped me navigate jobs and resources catered to my graduating degree. They are super knowledgeable, not only in my major but all aspects of life after graduation which is super helpful and calming. I truly appreciate them and their time to get to know me and network with me in the spaces I didn’t know existed within and outside Kentucky! Lastly, Thank you, Fred, and I hope to keep this portal/connection of friendship and mentorship open and strong even after I graduate.

Trize Gipson ’23

mentored by Fred Siegelman ’17

My mentor is Caroline Burnette. Over the past year and a half at Transy, she has been willing to answer the questions that I have about her time at Transy and the way that it has impacted her life. I appreciate knowing that I have such a welcoming mentor as I continue in my time here at Transy and begin to prepare for law school and life post-Transylvania.

Carley Montgomery ’25
mentored by Caroline Burnette ’99

I appreciate the advice and support that Sheri has given me, and I am very glad to have someone in the ‘real world’ who can answer my questions. I am very much looking forward to working with her even more in the future!

Erin Kendall ’26
mentored by Sheri Beckett ’90

My mentor has helped me so much in so many ways. Helped me with my class scheduling, helped me get more observation hours and also has helped me with my class assignments.

Colby Napier ’25

mentored by Christen Pate ’93

“My mentor is an amazing person inside and out! He not only saves lives every day being a cardiologist, but he also helps me figure out the best path to take to become a cardiac rehab technician. He is a spectacular person that cares about his patients as well as me. I could not be more thankful!”

Grace Randell ’26
mentored by Tony Smith ’07

Kimberly Strickland is a PA at Norton Audubon Hospital in Louisville, KY. After becoming my mentor, I’ve been able to observe her during the night shift in a chaotic environment, and have since learned from Kimberly how to utilize the utmost professionalism and care in every situation. In every patient interaction I observed, Kimberly was thorough in taking her patient’s histories, gave detailed, understandable explanations to her patients, and allowed their input in their treatments. Being able to reach out to her as a mentor for advice and guidance has been extremely helpful in my pre-PA journey, and I’m so thankful to have been connected with her.

Jessica Burton ’22
mentored by Kimberly Strickland ’16

Dr. Proctor has not only given me countless amounts of advice that I use every day to become a successful student and successful person in my everyday life, but she has also helped strengthen my confidence in the classroom and within my skills. She truly is helping to lead the way in my success here at Transy, and I am SO thankful.

Kennedy Bruner ’24

mentored by Melonie Proctor ’02

Barbara Garvey comes from a fascinating background and has an even more inspiring personality. I appreciate how she’s helped me try to understand my major and my educational pursuits, even as they seemed to keep changing throughout my time here. She’s one of the best mentors I’ve had!

Kerry O’Connell ’24
mentored by Barbara Garvey ’71

Thank you for being someone for me to look up to and being someone I can always seek guidance from! I am very lucky to be able to look up to you as someone that is pursuing the same field that I want to pursue one day! I appreciate all of the help, guidance, and support that you have given to me this far!

Will Darnell ’24
mentored by J.T. Henderson ’18